Debby Ryan Talks Directing And Singing


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Debby Ryan found fame on the Disney show Suite Life and while this is also where she perfected her acting skills, she said the show is also where she found a passion for directing.

She said that she would often hang around the directors and watch them carefully, almost as if she was shadowing them.

“Since I was on Suite Life, I had been shadowing directors because I’m nosey,” she told Just Jared. “All the things that get you in trouble as a kid are the things that make you successful in life. At least that’s what I’m going for. I started shadowing directors, and I fell in love with it. They started really lobbying on my half, which I was so thankful for.”

Debby has a pretty full plate right now and in addition to acting and following her passion for directing, she is also working on her singing career. Debby said that singing has always been a big part of her life and something she really enjoys doing.

“Everyone’s always like, ‘Oh so you’re doing music. Disney must be making you do music.’ And I’m like, ‘No, actually.’ I’ve had to fight really hard, against everyone, not just Disney and Hollywood Records. I’ve had to fight hard to make sure too many people don’t get to weigh in on my personal brand,” she said.

“Everything has been subject to everyone’s opinion, and music is the thing that I need to be spearheading,” Ryan added. “Having people fight for me, and being in the trenches with good people, helps. When I said I wanted to direct, Disney helped me do that. It feels good knowing that people are taking a chance on building a woman out of me.”

Debby said that because she is still struggling to find her voice and image in the music industry, she is currently concentrating the most on her music career but hopes she will still have time for music and acting as well.