Dean McDermott Still Defending Himself


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It's clear that Tori and Dean are struggling to save their marriage, and recently Dean has made it clear that he is struggling to save his reputation as well.

Dean has admitted to cheating on Tori with a mistress and while the couple continues to fight and argue over the affair, they claim that they are trying to work things out and save their marriage.

The couple's reality show True Tori has captured many of their arguments and has allowed the world the watch as their relationship and family crumbles on television.

Of course, most people blame Dean for the troubles, including Tori, who will not let him forget about what he did to her. Dean claims that things have gotten so bad that people are calling him a monster.

He recently said on Entertainment Tonight that although he did mess up and make a mistake by cheating on his wife, he isn't a monster, but a man who made a mistake.

Most people didn't buy his excuse and now he is defending himself again.

“I would love for the public to see me as just a human being. I’m just trying. I’m trying to get through this life, I’m trying to do some good and I’m trying to teach my kids right from wrong and just have a good life,” McDermott told E! News.

He went on to say that things are hard enough for him and Tori right now and that he just wants to fix his marriage and move on with his life.

He hopes that the media and everyone else will leave him alone and allow him to do that privately.

Do you think Dean should be cut some slack or do his actions deserve all the criticism he is getting?