Dealipedia Launches

By: Doug Caverly - February 5, 2008

Generally speaking, a press release can give you all the information you’ll want about a given business deal.  But press releases sometimes ignore important things like money, and include a bunch of extra garbage about how wonderful all the involved companies are.  Newly launched aims to organize and streamline information.

Dealipedia is, as its name probably led you to guess, a wiki.  Entries about business arrangements list details like company names, dates, and dollar amounts.  Those oh-so-wordy press releases are even tossed in on occasion to provide another perspective.Dealipedia Launches

As with any new social site, there are some gaps, but users could fill them up over time.  Our main concern is if there’ll be users.

Dealipedia’s founder, Michael Robertson, points out that someone may need to read a lot of news articles to thoroughly research a business deal.  The average person isn’t likely to need (or want) complete knowledge, however, and members of the press can usually use the commercial databases he later mentions.

The one key feature could be Dealipedia’s search engine.  With its ability to sort by just about every category the site tracks, it’s considerably more useful than many of the things we’ve seen elsewhere.  Resounding success may not be in Dealipedia’s future, but it may have found decent footing within this business development niche.

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    I’d say Robertson was a "one-trick pony," but that’s not accurate, because he even lost money for investors in It sold to Vivendi at a much lower valuation than their IPO.

    Robertson has NEVER given shareholders a return on ANY of his businesses.  He has a lousy track record.

    He got lucky with and HE made some money, but investors got screwed.

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    According to his own new webiste – the click the link under "Who Made Money?" – Robertson made $115 million on the sale of  But I agree with the previous poster, if none of that was relized by the investors why trust him.  Would his new website have warned people away from investing in

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