DC Comics Launches New Site

    July 9, 2007

DC Comics is launching a new site called Zudacomics.com. The site will publish new content with new characters.

The site is scheduled to launch in October and will have multiple on going Web comics. After the sites launch most of the Web comics will be selected by Zudacomics.com’s visitors who will vote on new comics during periodic competitions. Winners will receive commissions to create a year’s worth of comics for the site and will have their work published in print formats as well.

"There is an explosion of creativity in web comics," said Paul Levitz, DC Comics President & Publisher. "We want to build a great stage for this new generation of creators to perform on, a solid system for their work to reach audiences online and in print, and for the creators to share in the profits their creations can generate."

"In this time of rapid technological and cultural change, DC wants to be a good publisher for the evolving and growing community of online comic creators, so that we can be their partner for showcasing new kinds of works to entertain future generations."

DC Comics says they want comic creators to submit material that runs the spectrum of comic book genres such as humor, romance, science fiction, fantasy and superheroes.

A Zuda comic will be made up of a series of 4:3 aspect ratio screens, so that users can read a comic without having to open an additional browser. On going comics will run for 52 total installments.

 DC Comics used IBM to design and build the site. The site will have blogging, commenting, rating and tagging to allow user to participate and for artists to receive feedback on their work.

The Zudacomics teaser site will launch in July, during the San Diego ComicCon. "Zuda Comics will be a transparent publishing operation," said Ron Perazza, Online Director. "We’re asking the community and the creators to participate in the growth of a new business.

"They need to have access to every bit of information we can provide, so we’re going to roll out our submissions process, our contracts and agreements throughout the summer, well before our October content launch."