David Nalbandian: Scotland Yard Opens Investigation

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David Nalbandian isn't having a good week. Not only is he getting a severe amount of backlash for his ridiculous on-court shenanigans during the Queen's Club finals, he's also facing a police investigation as direct result of his thoughtless actions. Scotland Yard recently told The Guardian that they are looking into the incident, which may result in assault charges.

"We are aware of an incident at the Aegon Championships on 17 June. A complaint has been made and the Metropolitan police service is now investigating. The allegation is of assault," a police spokesperson explained.

For those of you who missed the incident in question, here's what happened: Nalbandian, after experiencing some difficulty during his match, decided to take his misplaced anger out on an innocent advertising board. The ensuing kick sent the object flying into the leg of line judge Andrew McDougall, which opened an inch-long gash across his shin. Although the injury left McDougall bloodied, he didn't require any treatment that first aid couldn't address.

Nalbandian, meanwhile, was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. Additionally, the Argentinian tennis star will automatically forfeit his prize money and ranking points. Despite the fact that he acted foolishly on the court, Nalbandian doesn't agree with the disqualification.

"I never intended to hit him, it was an unfortunate reaction in which I wanted to let off steam after losing a point," he explained. "I had the opportunity to personally apologize to the line umpire for this regrettable act that I am fully responsible for."

Chris Kermode, the tournament director, says that it's likely Nalbandian will be allowed to play again next year. "I haven't really thought about next year, but you can ask me again in a couple of weeks," he said. "There was no way he intended to do that. It would be foolish to say he's not welcome back to this tournament. The tennis he's played this week has been phenomenal and the crowd like him. You could tell by the crowd that they wanted him to play, so you have to forgive these things and move on."

In my opinion, when you act like a jerk, you get treated like a jerk. The fact that Nalbandian believes he shouldn't have been disqualified is absolutely ridiculous. If there aren't any consequences for his knee-jerk reactions, what's to stop him from acting like a child during other tournaments? Twitter users have weighed in on the subject, as well. You can find a sampling of their thoughts and feelings below.