David Letterman Invites Ladder-Climbing Dog To 'The Late Show'

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A rescue dog from Calgary named Lexi has been making a name for herself on social media quite recently because of her amazing skills. The Labrador-Border collie cross is known for her stunts, including balancing on top of a basketball rim, leaping between concrete posts, and climbing ladders. Now Lexi has caught the attention of mainstream media. Lexi and her owner, Chris Jansen, were in New York on Tuesday, November 18, to tape a “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment for The Late Show with David Letterman.

According to Jansen, Letterman was impressed by Lexi. “The taping went great. Lexi climbed to the top of the ladder while David Letterman held the ladder steady,” Jansen said of the stunt that showcased one of Lexi’s signature tricks. “Her mind is just amazing. She never stops learning, she’s willing to try anything and she really hasn’t said no yet, so the sky’s the limit.” Jansen and Lexi were invited by The Late Show staff after they saw Lexi’s videos online.

Jansen adopted Lexi from the Humane Society back in 2009 when she was still a few months old. He said that they formed a special bond right from the get-go. “She finally realized that she is in a very solid foundation home and she trusts me,” Jansen said in an interview with CTV News Calgary. “I bet you she could walk through fire for me … she's just everything to (me).”

Chris told reporters that when Lexi was asked to audition for Letterman, the producers couldn’t stop talking about the ladder trick. They told Jansen that in their 30 years of working in the industry, they haven’t seen a dog climb a ladder. “All they could talk about was the ladder," he said. “’We've got to get her on, we've got to see the ladder – we've never seen it before.’”

A rescue dog from Calgary named Lexi performs amazing tricks. Watch her in action.

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