David Cross on 'Chip-Wrecked', Official No Pants Subway Video, and GOALOLOLOLOLOL

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A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that way.

Today’s videos feature Link from Legend of Zelda trying to pawn his tri-force, a wonderful James Dean tribute, a really angry college basketball coach, and a hilarious soccer goal.

Upon first viewing you might not have noticed anything strange about this post-game celebration. However, listen to John Elway at the 0:33 mark. I've listened at least ten times, and I think he's saying exactly what it sounds like. HA.

Along with being a pretty down to earth sounding dude, Seth Green looks to have some clairvoyant powers. Who else would have called this back in 1999?

Come on Link, go get the other pieces and MAYBE you'll have something of worth. Also, does anyone else find cheap "bald" make-up effects as amusing as I do?

Some pretty nice seats, the best part of the video is one of the guys' names is Chris Smokes. So you never will get seats this good or have an awesome name like that.

David Cross is a pretty funny guy and has been attached to some well made projects throughout the years. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked will most assuredly not be one of them. He seems to have loathed the experience so much his interview with Conan gets kind of uncomfortable.

The No Pants Subway ride is a pretty nifty idea and they received a really good turn out for it, shown in this official video. However, I think most of us agree Santa should probably always wear pants (skip to 0:46 for the view).

If you know the history and work of James Dean you'll enjoy the video, if you don't know about him then you'll enjoy the video and want to go learn more.

Two Friendly Ghosts from Parker Ellerman on Vimeo.

This video is great for two reasons. First, it's always funny to see an awkwardly made soccer goal. Second, hearing soccer announcers yell GOALOLOLOL is one of the more cathartic experiences you're bound to have.

Seeing sports coaches go crazy is always great entertainment. Especially in college basketball, there's just something so personal about it. This Iowa coach did it exactly like the angry college basketball coach forefather Bobby Knight did it...slamming a chair.

If you don't like Kevin Hart then I probably don't want to know you. (Warning NSFW: language)