Dave Chappelle Makes Cover Of Prince's New Single

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Dave Chappelle is greatly missed these days, as he's been out of the public eye for several years following his departure from the comedy life in 2006. But he's slowly beginning to make a comeback, and Prince has a little something to do with it.

The Purple One tweeted the cover art for his new single, "Breakfast Can Wait", which features a photo of Chappelle dressed as Prince for the "Chappelle's Show" sketch that most of us have been quoting from since it aired. The tweet featured links to stories about the single so that his followers would know it's not a joke, but even if it was...it's pretty rad.

The sketch is one of the most popular ones from Chappelle's days on Comedy Central; in it, Charlie Murphy talks about one of his "True Hollywood Stories", which involved meeting Prince in a club and ending up at his house later to play basketball and have a pancake breakfast. So, fittingly enough, the new cover art shows Chappelle dressed as the iconic singer and holding a big plate of pancakes.

So far, Chappelle hasn't commented on the single, but it's probably safe to say he's a little flattered. Check out the sketch, and the cover art, below.


Amanda Crum
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