'Dark Souls II' Beta Registration Begins, But Only For Europe


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Just two weeks ago, Namco Bandai Games announced that a beta will be held for Dark Souls II. The beta is only for PlayStation 3 consoles, and the test will take place in both North America and Europe. Today the publisher finally announced that sign-ups for the beta are live - but there's a catch.

Namco announced the sign-ups with a lengthy Facebook post about the beta. It included the facts that the first beta test will begin on October 12, and that a second will be held starting October 27. A link for fans to register for a beta ticket was also provided in the post, but those outside of the EU who clicked on the link were shown an error page instead.

The post hadn't specified that the sign-ups are currently for Europe only. This, predictably, led to more than 2,500 comments filled with questions, anger, and a debate about the ethics of creating fake European PlayStation Network accounts.

Though it took about half the day, the Dark Souls Facebook page has finally provided an update for North and South American fans. Though the actual statement is a rather vacuous more-info-to-come non-announcement, the subtext of the post is clear: Souls fans are being asked to demonstrate the same patience they consistently display within the games themselves.