Dark Google Delivers Energy Savings?

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When it comes to saving money, small amounts matter – spending a mere five bucks on lunch, five days a week, amounts to $1,300 per year.  In terms of saving energy, the same idea applies, and so Blackle – a dark version of Google – was born.

Blackle operates on the principle that displaying a black computer screen requires less energy than showing a white screen.  This only holds true when CRT monitors are involved, but “an all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts,” according to Mark Ontkush.

Ontkush was cited two months ago in an article by TreeHugger about Blackle.  Since, then, Blackle has been mentioned by the Brisbane Times (an Australian publication), bigmouthmedia (a UK company), and the Hindustan Times (which is based in India) – word is definitely spreading.

And from a pure “search” standpoint, there’s no reason for it not to; Blackle’s design is very similar to Google’s, and the search results are identical.  Getting used to the gray-text-on-black-background is difficult, however, and many people (including your humble author) have found it harder to read then the traditional black-on-white.  Time wasted due to squinting may make up for the slight difference in power levels.

Still, given Google’s interest in conservation, it’s interesting to see what people have done with the engine in the environment’s name.

Dark Google Delivers Energy Savings?
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  • frank

    I use Cooloogle!! (http://www.ecreativelabs.com/cooloogle).

    It has a dark screen and so much useful things (link to mail, newspaper, wikipedia….). try it!

  • geminihunter

    There are around 25 different versions of “black google” online. The best one I’ve found is www.cleanblack.com. Cleanblack is the only version that allows you to change the text colors of the google search results. Try it yourself by going to www.cleanblack.com/theme/

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