Danny Sullivan Throws Water on Tagging

    April 14, 2005

Search guru Danny Sullivan is dubious that tagging will be the great savior for search.

Like others, he says that controlled tagging – in the form of directory categorization – has already been prone to spamming at places like the Open Directory.

Wide-open tagging, where anyone can get their pages to the top of a list just by labeling it so, is going to be a giant spam magnet.

OK, that’s fair. So my question for Danny is, why did Yahoo buy Flickr? Somehow I gotta believe they were intrigued by the site’s tagging features. I can see Yahoo mashing up Flickr and Y!Q into a powerful image search tool that not only includes results from the Web but also a distinct column of user-generated images that have the same keyword. Conceptually this might look like what Technorati is or even A9 Opensearch.

Link: Another Poke At Tags As Search Savior

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