Danny Sullivan Goes Digging With Sphinn

    July 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The search maven has launched a social community site with a Digg-ish feel and a search engine focus.

Danny Sullivan Goes Digging With Sphinn
Danny Sullivan Goes Digging With Sphinn

Bryan Eisenberg took a peek behind SearchEngineLand’s ‘don’t click here’ button and found out what Danny’s been keeping back there.

“Will Sphinn be the new Threadwatch?,” asked Eisenberg. Good question, now that Threadwatch has been shut down. A better question: what is Sphinn?

The easy definition is a SEO-friendly version of popular/SEO-averse social media site Digg. Categories for story submissions on Sphinn include the ubiquitous Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft topics, along with ones for search marketing, social media, online marketing, and searching.

Sphinn’s About page discussed the rationale Danny and his Third Door Media have for Sphinn, as well as the genesis of the name:

We liked the idea of a place where marketers could put their own spin on news by commenting on stories or having discussions. But spin.com was taken, as was spinn.com and sphinnn.com was a N too far, we felt. So we went with sphinn.com, pronouncing it “sp-hinn.”

Folks like Lee Odden, Vanessa Fox, and Danny among others have posted items to the new site. It’s very much at the ground floor, with only a handful of Sphinns needed to boost articles to the front page. Danny’s reputation and a little word of mouth should remedy that in short order.