Daniela Ruah Welcomes Baby Boy, River Isaac

    January 5, 2014
    Pam Wright
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NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah, 30, and her fiancé David Olsen welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Dec. 30.

“He’s healthy and strong, which is all we could ask for,” said the new mother about her son, River Isaac.

“We are so happy, so thankful and feel so blessed to have brought him into the world,” said the new mom.

Ruah met Olsen, a former Navy SEAL, on the set of NCIS: Los Angles, where he plays a stunt double for his younger brother, Eric Christian Olsen.

“I’m so thrilled about having a baby boy and starting a new chapter as a parent with David,” she told People when she announced her pregnancy in September.

“It’s amazing how in love I am with this little person I’ve only seen on a black and white screen,” she said. “I’m starting my own family and there is no other feeling like it.”

Ruah was born in Boston into a family of Portuguese doctors. Moving back to Portugal at the age of 5, she started her acting career at the age of 16, starring in a series of Portuguese television shows. She returned to the United States and gained fame as Special Agent Kensi Blye on the CBS drama.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs on Tuesdaya at 9 p.m. and also stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.

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    I like this woman and I am happy for her. But NCIS is so phony it is funny. I hate to tell people that and I pray people don’t think crimes are like that in real life. I work in a courtroom and I am constantly seeing jurors who think that stuff is real. A lot of innocent people get convicted because jurors do a lot of assuming based on techniques they see on TV. In fact, people have wrote about this and called it the CSI effect.

    In fact, Time magazine wrote about this effect in DNA testing. European scientist recreated a persons DNA without having a sample of the DNA. America is ignoring these findings because so many people get convicted on the basis of DNA.

    So in summary. I am happy for the woman but don’t believe the shit you see on TV.