Danica Patrick Better For Go Daddy’s Brand Than Van Damme?

By: Chris Crum - September 18, 2013

Earlier this month, we reported that Go Daddy has dropped the GoDaddy girls in favor of a new “ass-kicking” small business message in its advertisements. They kicked this new strategy off during the NFL season opener with an ad featuring screen legend Jean-Claude Van Damme.

According to data from the YouGov BrandIndex, “He’s no Danica.”

“Go Daddy may have to bring sexy back,” a YouGov spokesperson tells WebProNews. “Trading in provocative auto racer Danica Patrick in a bikini for action star Jean-Claude Van Damme playing musical instruments in a bakery has not given Go Daddy’s new ad campaign a promising start with consumers.”

Since the ad spot premiered, they say, ad awareness has increased nearly 50%, and the brand’s perception has shown improvement, but in the past five days, consumer perception of the company has fallen to just below where it was before the ad launched, with equal positive and negative feedback from consumers.

“Since premiering its new TV ad spot on Thursday, September 5th, ad awareness for Go Daddy has increased nearly 50% from 13% to 18% of the U.S. population. The brand’s perception also had a modest improvement over the first week since the campaign began.”

“On September 5th, the day the Jean-Claude Van Damme campaign launched, Go Daddy had a Buzz score of one, meaning slightly more positive feedback vs. negative feedback. By September 12th, the score moved up to 4, but then dropped just below zero by September 15th.”

Here’s a new Van Damme ad they put out a few days ago:

I don’t know. That one’s pretty sexy.

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  • Reality

    Sex sells. We all know this. If I flip to the back of my car magazine, I can see a pretty woman in a bikini selling brake pads. What does a pretty woman in a bikini have to do with brake pads? Absolutely nothing. Yet, there she is holding up those brake pads. The reality is that a pretty woman can sell anything.

  • PhilipJames

    Don’t know about you, but Van Damme looks a little bit gay in these bits….weird eyebrows and makeup to go with odd facial features… taking steroids??…. whereas we all know that Danica drives fast cars, is a good cook and sleeps with Ricky. Nuff said.

  • Dale Sandt

    Danica hands down!!

  • http://yahoo Irish

    Danica all the way “thumbs-up”, come on guys are you Joking??? Van Damme is way, way, wayyyyyy out there, just don’t make since to me. Thanks for allowing me to comment but I really think those flowery pants that Van Damme’s wearing have got to “Go” & I don’t mean “Go Daddy” either, OK Thanks & Good Luck…

  • Electric Man

    Van Damme for Danica? Go Daddy, you’ve got to be kidding me. I just hit fast forward now!!!

  • Ronnie

    The need for speed and the need for Danica!

  • Kevin Loftus

    This reminds me of the eighties, when coked-up yuppies were making all the commercials. My God! Could somebody have turned over the rock they were under and hired them again?

  • Nayls

    Van Damme is a GREAT choice! I was sick of Danica years ago. The only ones that are upset are the guys that jerk off staring at her pics or watching her stupid godaddy videos.

  • Kevin Ward

    when GoDaddy first came on the scene Network Solutions was the most known internet hosting company and domain registrar. Through the advertising campaign using Danica Patrick, though geared towards a Hooters mentality, related the brand towards being edgy, ecentric and fun. You can deny the success even if you loathe the direction of the campaigns she was part of. Putting in some aged, no longer relevant, action star was obviously a failed direction according to the numbers. You don’t mess with what works. Of course GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving needed to put his scent on the company because that is what new CEO’s do, but often their own ego can drive the business into the ground, or they get ousted fast. GoDaddy, GoDancia!

  • http://www.marylafrance.com art major

    VanDamme looks like a pervert in these ads. It’s too over the top goofy. I can’t believe this is the same guy that made all those action films.

  • Jeff Carlson

    That top picture of Danica…whoa! I’ve been “troubled” by that pic ever since I first saw it :)

  • Bruce Douglas

    Van Damme instead of Patrick? They have to be out of their minds! Sure she's not the fastest on the track… she lets off the peddle first! But look at her! It's not like she's a boat anchor, she's qualifying… and LOOK AT HER!!! If you want a spokesperson for your GO DADDY service a hot chick that drives a race car is going to carry with the predominantly male viewer. B Douglas