Dana Perino: Obama's Speech Defies Logic, Fact

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Dana Perino was as close as anyone from Fox News was going to get when it came to supporting President Obama's executive action on immigration before his speech on Thursday.

The Fox Five co-host said of his assumed plans, “I don’t think that we’ll have the answer to the constitutional question for years. And at this point, I think the president has the prosecutorial discretion to do what he’s doing.”

Dana Perino added that there likely wouldn't be anyone with the guts to stand up in court and take the dream away from millions of illegal immigrants.

But, she also mentioned how strange it was that someone who’s professing he wants to get things done in a bipartisan way [Obama] would immediately jump to do something “that’s poisoning the well.”

After Thursday's speech, however, Dana Perino changed her tone.


In Speaker Boehner's response to Obama's announcement, he said that Obama's actions "deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek."

He added that Obama is "damaging the presidency itself."

Dana Perino agreed with John Boehner on most of his points. On America's Newsroom, Perino said of the president's plan, "it defies logic, it defies fact, and it defies what the president just said 10 days ago, which is he believes that the midterm election result -- in which he was handed big losses – that that lesson was America wants Washington to work more together."

Dana Perino did say that she believes the president hasn't completely sabotaged chances for a unified solution for the broken immigration system.

Bill Hemmer then asked Perino, "What changed? And, why now?"

Dana Perino said, "I think the only thing that changed was a political calculation on behalf of the president."

What do you think of the president's executive actions? Do you agree with Dana Perino or do you think what he's doing will be good for our country?

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