Dan Aykroyd, From Ghostbuster To Vodka-Seller

By: Jennifer Curra - October 12, 2013

After making a name for himself fighting ghosts on the big screen, Dan Aykroyd is now making headlines for creating vodka that is sold inside large crystal, skull heads.

The vodka, which is appropriately named Crystal Head Vodka, has been the focus of his most recent public appearance. The actor was spotted in East Windsor at the Bottle King liquor store to talk about the product.

“This (vodka) is something that excels to be the best. We are the best vodka, a luxury, premium spirit and that is what I wanted to create,” Dan said.

Many people showed up to meet the famous actor.

Nick Twist explained his reason for coming to East Windsor. ”We are out here to meet him. I loved him in Sneakers. I just love Dan Aykroyd.”

Husband, Brett Lawrence, and wife, Emily Lawrence, were also eager to meet Dan Aykroyd.

“When we found out about it, I freaked out,” said Emily Lawrence.

”It’s great to (be able to) meet him,” Brett Lawrence said.

Dan Aykroyd has been successful in many iconic movies spanning his career such as Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers, and Driving Miss Daisy as well as television shows such as Saturday Night Live. After making a name for himself through these avenues, he has decided to lend his hand to the liquor world as well.

“I’ve tried to do the best I can. I’ve had the number one movie, number one television show, number one record, I want to have the number one vodka,” Aykroyd said.

The vodka is made from Newfoundland water where the brewing process uses peaches and cream corn to create the flavor.

Fans have taken to Twitter to voice their enjoyment of the new premium spirit.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy Of Tonyshek]
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  • Johnny

    Dan Aykroyd is a no-talent has-been who rode on others coat tails to whatever fame he has. Now he has stooped to shilling for some vodka. He really needs to lose some weight..then he could shill on some cable chanell at 2 am, the appropriate place for his talents.

    • Hayward Giablomi

      You appear to be a moron, Johnny–in the clinical sense. You clearly haven’t any clue as to the man’s body of work, the dues he has paid to make it to the top, or the efforts he has made to bring props to exploited blues musicians. The fact that you mention that he has gained some weight is ad hominem, like my comments here, as well as non sequitur. So he is selling vodka. So what. Maybe some day you will be old enough to drink vodka, Johnny! And if you are lucky enough to live long enough, meaning that if you survive the predictable efforts of the general public to crush your blunt skull, maybe you will also gain some weight!

    • Benjohnny Dover

      And Johnny, you have done what with your life clown?

  • plaxton emmons

    Be careful, Dan. I’ve been a fan of nearly everything I’ve watched you do, especially with John Belushi. Yeah, that was a tragic waste what happened to John in 1982. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you, Danny.

  • Blanco Version

    Distressing article. Dan/Danny/Aykky Boo-Boo man has no doubt created some quality, timeless work over the years, but these days the poor bastard just looks completely dead behind the eyes.

  • Rebekah

    Dan Aykroyd’s vodka is old news. By “old news”, I mean that it’s been around for years, and you’re FINALLY writing a story about it?!? Where the heck have YOU been?!?