Damashi Peer Review – Rethink Font Size

    June 19, 2003

I found the Damashi Site to be a very “plain Jane” site, but the site structure is solid along with the order forms are clear and functional.

The only two problems I did find were the broken links to the Order Guidelines page both in the navigation bar at the top, and at the bottom of the pages.

Second, a copyright but no date. I actually had a potential client contact me, for my site, asking if we were still in business because our copyright date was three years old. I would imagine not having a date at all would make people wonder.

The text styles for the titles of the books could be overpowering large for people using a screen resolution lower than 1024×768. Even with these minor corrections, I find the site easy to navigate and order the book or video of your choice.

Best Regards,

James Newmeyer, Web Developer / Graphic Designer
The Brandon Group, Inc.

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