Damashi Peer Review – Many Positive Attributes But Needs A Facelift

    June 19, 2003

I’m going to try ro be brief, but it’s not always possible. 😉
1) The site is right away to plain. Plain can be good in moderation but in this case everything contrasts, it gives off a feeling of old and outdated…why trust it?

2) No real home link. At first. I right away tested the imagemap….then I was lost. Getting back home was a small test in it-self. Finally I decided to test the logo.. finally… something I have learned by surfing the net paid off. Many sites use their logos as EXTRA links to go back home. Damashi unfortunately relies on this as the main link. It wasn’t until later that I realized…far below is another menu.

3) If the shopping cart is empty..there is no link back home..the browser buttons must be used.

4) Too many uses of font variations…it gives off a clutter look.

5) It seems, according to the image map, that the color or theme they wanted to go for was one of eastern culture. For this to be effective they would have to rethink their color usage. Add some images to spice it up….

6) If the image map was just made in bad taste..then it needs to go.

Overall…the website has great potential. It has wicked d/l speeds. Some great looking support links. Is so close to standards compliance and accessability compliance that all it needs is a facial lift..stretch here and there and done.

-drake silver

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