Damashi Peer Review – Lack of Information Is Uncompelling

    June 19, 2003

When I first entered the Damashi website, I was rather impressed with the clarity and simplicity of the home page. The links are in plain English, and self explanatory. It loaded fast, and though rather plain by some standards, is not unattractive.

As I went deeper into the site, it deteriorated a bit. I found that the items for sale lacked description, and if I were just browsing through the site, I would have nothing to create any interest to buy. Only those that are familiar with the products would have a reason to buy.

If I were interested in buying something, I had to take a second look to find the unobtrusive “add to your shopping cart” button. It rather blends into the boxes and is not very obvious.

I was interested in the page that explained the PAL versus NTSC countries. So I clicked on the link and a standard table opened. After reading the information, I clicked the link to close the window, and it closed my browser. At this point I lost interest and reloaded my browser, and went to other places. If I were a person interested in this type of product, I would have done another search, and made it a point to not go back to this site.

Dick Corby, Consultant
Altacom of Las Vegas

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