Damashi Peer Review – Develop A Theme And Stick With It

    June 19, 2003

The site has an inconsistent and incomplete feel. Individual elements are attractive such as the ideogram and script at the top of the initial page. But the navigation links at the bottom of the page clash with their red and blue fonts. Moving forward to the shopping cart and the page scheme changes from a yellow theme to a pale green. There’s merit in having sections of the website that differ in function also differ slightly in color yet remain unified in design. This site didn’t apply that throughout all pages though. One expects a site related to Oriental subjects to display a sense of Zen. Develop the style of the initial page banner and apply it throughout the site. And use CSS to make it easier to maintain.

The content can use some beefing up. The site seems to be geared to someone who has already made the decision to purchase a specific book. There’s little information to assist someone in choosing among the available books. Add descriptions along with the review comments. A search function on keywords will supplement the listing by title and author. General content on karate and the different schools/techniques can promote the books and videos.

The navigation seemed to be inconsistent. On the ordering page I missed any navigation tools other than the back button.

The errorhandler in the shopping cart can use improvement. Removing the userid from the url resulted in a vague error message in black on white.

L. Templin

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