Dallas Weather Problems Means Dallas Marathon Cannot Go On

    December 7, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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Dallas, Texas is seeing its share of the winter blast the rest of the nation is enduring – with freezing temps, snow and ice, accidents galore, and on top of it all – the Dallas Marathon had to be canceled. The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon, which was expected to draw 25,000 runners, some of whom had trained for months is not going to happen.

This would have been the 44th running of this event.

Many marathon participants have already checked into hotels, flew into Dallas in anticipation of this well-established run, only to learn the event had to be canceled. “We regret that the race will not go on as planned,” Marathon organizers said in a written statement. “We are confident this decision is in the best interest of our runners, volunteers, spectators and the general public.”

Steve Pomerleau flew from Mississippi to Dallas specifically to run in the marathon. “I understand that it is the security issue,” he said. “I understand it, but I’m disappointed.”

“I was hoping we could have the decision before we could travel to Dallas for the marathon,” said Pomerleau. “I guess we’ll have the weekend in this closed town. We can’t even go out and celebrate. It’s kinda shut down.”

Organizers had 80 degree weather on Tuesday – it wasn’t until Thursday that the winter blast hit Dallas, and hard. That didn’t leave a lot of time to notify all of the participants.

The worst part though, is traveling to Dallas and training for months only to learn there will be no refunds made since the race is canceled because of bad weather. That also means, no marathon at all this year. For many runners, this Dallas Marathon left them cold and broke.

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  • Pers

    At least there wasn’t a government drill going on — every time we have one there is a terrorist attack. Go figure.

  • @Pers

    Just what I was thinking!

    9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Oklahoma city Bombing, 7/7 London Bombings, the Oslo Norway Massacre and Aurora Theater Shootings all had government drills running the very same day of the “terror” attacks.

    – Are we awake yet?

  • @Pers

    Everyone knows 9/11 was an inside job. The amount of evidence is overwhelming. Architects, explosive experts, engineers, scientists, demolition experts, chemists from around the world have gone on record saying we aren’t being told the truth. These are highly credible people. Then you talk to the people on Wall Street about the weird occurrences before 9/11. Then you talk to eye-witnesses and firemen who say they heard bombs going off.

    The evidence is overwhelming. Mainstream media just refuses to show it. That is changing. Just recently PBS in Colorado allowed a show to be aired that was created by Architects for 9/11 truth. It was tremendously successful.

    People think the flack over Kennedy is bad. Just wait. They haven’t seen anything yet. Why do you think government is clamping down on our citizens? They know eventually the truth is going to come out and the people are going to be pissed.

    • http://www.tinavolpe-writer.com/ Tina Volpe

      My question – Pers – is why would the US do that to its own people. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. Common sense tells me that Bin Laden had been threatening for years to hit us…