Dallas Cowboys Host Philadelphia Eagles: Game Of The Season?


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The Dallas Cowboys are currently having the kind of season that fans have dreamed about for years.

Decades even.

It was during the early nineties that "Americas Team" went off the rails.

However, the Cowboys seem to be back in a big way. Or at least, performing far beyond ordinary expectations.

There have been all sorts of twists and turns during Dallas team's NFL season.

But now it's crunch time for the Cowboys.

Historically this is the part of the season where everything goes wrong. After a nail-biter against the New York Giants, there is concern that the Cowboys are in danger of blowing the best season they've had in ages.

If there's any team in the NFL that's out to make this happen, it will be the Philadelphia Eagles.

The rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys is legendary.

So imagine the thrill it would give Philadelphia to be instrumental in dismantling the Cowboys. The Eagles are the one team left in the Cowboys' schedule that can make everything go wrong.

After the Cowboys host Philadelphia during a special Thanksgiving game, this team must travel of Eagles territory on December 14.

That's a period of less than three weeks to recover psychologically should anything goes wrong.

It could very well happen that Dallas loses both its home and away game to Philadelphia.

This would put them at 8-5 with The Washington Redskins (another major rival who already upset them once this season...),Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears left to play.

Those games are all toss ups in that there's no telling how things will go at this point.

If their confidence is shattered by the Eagles, then the Cowboys could realistically go off track and see everything they worked for go up in smoke.

Although nothing is written in stone, cynical Cowboys fans would say that everything being ruined late would fit the pattern more often than not.

As such, it may be a good idea to not get excited about this team making the playoffs.

At least, not until the Dallas Cowboys have done everything to make it a definite possibility.

That certainly would begin with beating the Philadelphia Eagles at home.

Which team do you foresee coming out on top on Thanksgiving: The Dallas Cowboys or the Philadelphia Eagles?