Dale Robertson Dies: Western Actor Was 89

    February 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Dale Robertson, who starred in many Westerns for both television and film when the genre was at the height of its popularity, has died after a brief illness. He was 89 years old.

Robertson began his acting career while he was still on active duty in the Army after an act of serendipity; after having a photo taken for his mother, an employee of the photo shop placed his image in their window, which attracted the attention of movie scouts. Soon enough, he went from being a twice-wounded soldier to acting on the big screen.

Robertson soon found success in both TV and on film, landing roles in “Tales Of Wells Fargo” and “Iron Horse”, and in films like “Fighting Man Of The Plains” in which he played Jesse James. The handsome actor was soon rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names of the day, such as Marilyn Monroe.

Later in his career, Robertson found roles on evening soap operas like “Dynasty” and “Dallas”. The Oklahoma native retired in 1993 to a ranch in Yukon before moving to the San Diego area, where he lived out his last months.

“I remember him as a larger-than-life fellow,” niece Nancy Robertson said. “When he was in town it was always very exciting. It always meant something magical was going to happen.”

Robertson was awarded the Bronze and Silver Stars and the Purple Heart during his service to the Army, but his family says he would have wanted to be remembered first and foremost as a father, grandfather, and Oklahoman.

  • Ben

    Dale Robertson…..grew up with him (watching him on television). Great actor,great memories and great role model. He will be greatly missed. To The Robertson Family…”You should be extremely proud and we all were honoured to witness his LIFE”.

  • http://www.candeloguitar.com kendall

    Dale was a classy cowboy actor and was one of favorites up there with John Wayne….does anybody know of any films he was in with the Duke?

  • Myles

    Dale Robertson, an individual that hardly anyone remembers and look at his military service. John Wayne, everyone hears about him and his Military Service ?…non existent, and yet is considered an “American Hero” for what? Making movies westerns and war movies,he should be along with his adoring fans should be ashamed of themselves.
    John Wayne got many, many exemptions and was basically a draft dodger.

    • Nancy Hansen

      You don’t build someone up by tearing someone else down. Dale wouldn’t approve. John Wayne galvanized the American spirit. Dale Robertson was one of my Favorites. I never missed Death Valley Days. I am so pleased but not surprised to hear of his war record. He was the real deal as witnessed by the fact that his military record was only in the backround. He was a Great American and I am grateful for his time with us.

  • Ken

    As a boy I shook his hand as he rode around the rodeo ring and slept with my unwashed hand stretched out beside my bed that night. He was a big star in Tales of Wells Fargo and always was authentic and upright.

  • Papa

    I recall his Wells Fargo show and never missed that show when I was a kid.

  • ginny

    He was the kind of man I dreamed of marrying when I was a girl:)
    Blessings to his family and all who will miss and loved him!

  • D

    Growing up I lived on the same street as Dale’s brother Chet in Oklahoma City. Dale visited him when he could and was always as down to earth as any man I know.

  • Mike D’annunzio

    I must say I was always a Dale Robertson fan every since his Tales of Wells fargo show! Later on I was fortunate to meet Dale in person at an autograph session in “Rawhide of the West” festival outside of Scottsdale, Az. I was and still am extremely impressed with his down to earth ways and down to earthness! We did talk briefly about some of the westerns he made and some of his experiences! There will never be another like him! I will miss him because he was the real thing! Mike D