Dakota Fanning Grows Apart From Sister Elle

    December 26, 2013
    Emily Greene
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It must have been quite the awkward Christmas for the Fanning family this year.

Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning have been growing apart lately and Dakota is even adding some distance between her sister and herself. Quite some distance actually.

Dakota is “much happier” now that she is living in New York City and away from her sister who resides in Los Angeles.

At the heart of the problem for the sisters seems to be their different outlooks on the acting game. Elle is becoming quite the Hollywood actress, taking the city by storm with four movies to be released in 2014, and Dakota looks like she would be more content with leaving the acting scene.

Says one source, “Elle is the more ambitious one. Dakota is the one who could quit acting to start a band at the drop of a hat. Dakota is completely unimpressed with the red carpet culture in Hollywood, while Elle totally worships it,”

It looks like at least one person in the Twitterverse wouldn’t mind if Dakota decided to ditch acting and try something new.

One of the four movies Elle has coming out next year is Maleficent, also starring Angelina Jolie who plays the title character. The younger Fanning sister plays Princess Aurora and Jolie was quite impressed with her work and the two remain friends. Added the source, ”In this film, Elle really comes into her own and they’re looking for another project to develop together.”

Recently Dakota became the new face of Attilio Giusti Leombruni shoes and can be seen in the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign.

“She [Dakota] takes us back to basics, where we naturally belong. Dakota encapsulates the contemporary spirit of the AGL brand and its features: minimalist aesthetics, compatibility with urban life and a sense of couture,” said the Giusti sisters.

For now the sisters have created a bit of a truce. Says the source, “They have something of a peace treaty, in the sense that Elle gets L.A. to herself, while Dakota is much happier in New York. Dakota is living off of the fortune she made as a child actor, instead of chasing after every big job under the sun.”

Here’s hoping these girls can work it out. They are sisters after all.

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  • marc smilen

    The “red carpet culture?” Thats a buzzword; It doesnt have any primary importance or meaning. Its a byproduct of the craft. They are actors and directors and producers. They are story tellers. The work is important; Not the fame. The public enjoys good movies and good television shows. Hollywood stars need to have passion for the craft. Its absurd to think a so-called “Red carpet culture” is a primary motivation. It might also be absurd, albeit true, that Dakota Fanning is willing to abandon the acting craft. Does she have any other talents? Or is she willing to commit herself to higher education? She already has her foot in the door to an entertainment career, where she can do interesting projects, and get paid a nice salary. Show up on set for work is the job; not showing up to the red carpet.

  • http://yahoo Deb Johnson

    I call BS on this article…. sounds made up to me.

  • Jack

    Want to know how they got their last name?
    When they fart it smells so bad they are always Fanning the back of their ass.

  • Doug O’Neill

    Man is Elle Fanning sweet! I’d love to take a run at her!

  • Katie

    This makes me a bit sad. But I guess not all siblings are close. 😐