Daisy Coleman, Maryville Rape Victim, Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

    January 7, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the Maryville rape case that swept the nation, has been hospitalized after attempting to end her own life for the third time.

Coleman was allegedly bullied when she attended a party over the weekend and made an attempt on her life on Sunday; she is currently recovering at a children’s psychiatric hospital in Kansas City.

The teen was just 14 when she attended a party with older peers and was sexually assaulted by a 17-year old boy who had given her alcohol. Another 17-year old recorded the assault on a cell phone, and Coleman was later dumped on her doorstep in freezing temperatures. Late last year, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case after concerns were raised that the accused would receive special treatment because his father is a prominent politician.

“I know this case has raised a variety of concerns. So please know this: This case will be thoroughly reviewed. Our review will be without fear and without fail,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. “I can also assure you that politics, connections will not play a role in our review in this case.”

Coleman was relentlessly bullied after news of the rape broke, and posted her story on a blog last October to share her horrors with the world.

“Since this happened, I’ve been in hospitals too many times to count. I’ve found it impossible to love at times. I’ve gained and lost friends. I no longer dance or compete in pageants. I’m different now, and I can’t ever go back to the person I once was. That one night took it all away from me. I’m nothing more than just human, but I also refuse to be a victim of cruelty any longer,” she wrote.

The girl’s mother, Melinda, is calling for the help of the internet and for the hacktivist group Anonymous, who came to Daisy’s aid when the story broke last year.


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  • Ah

    You called her a rape victim. She is an ALLEGED rape victim. Nothing has been proven. Let’s see. Her brothers told her not to be around that guy. She didn’t listen. She snuck out of the house. This is a decision. She got alcohol. This is a decision. She got drunk. This is a decision. She had sex. The men said she consented. She said she didn’t. Bottom line is she was too drunk to really remember anything. For all we know, she could have walked out of the house and just passed out before she got home. How do we know if the guy dumped her there? Women need to take responsibility for their own actions.

    A) Don’t be around guys you know aren’t good for you.
    B) Don’t sneak out of the house at 1am. If you have to sneak, it is the wrong thing to do.
    C) If it is 1am, you are not going to just hang out.
    D) Don’t be around alchohol You are underage. Leave.
    E) Don’t get drunk off your ass. You are underage. Leave.
    F) Don’t claim rape when you are so drunk you really have no idea what happened.

    How many times do we see these things? Yet, women still do them over and over and over and over again. They do these things because they want to do them.

    I have a son. I am actually tired of having to worry about some drunk girl claiming he did something to her. The realities are that women are drinking like fish and screwing. In college, young women are actually drinking more than men now. They are the new crop of alcoholics. Our teenage girls twerk, wear thongs, sneak out, drink, go after older men, dress sexy, look 10 years older than they are, get pregnant —- but we still live in this illusion that they are not choosing to have sex. My God, are we this dumb in this nation. Are we this naive?

    Drunk sex is not rape. Regret is not rape. Getting caught by your mom passed out on the lawn does not mean rape. It means you just got caught sneaking out of the house and drinking after you had sex. For all we know, this girl could have consented to it all. Why do we believe every word of this girl as if it gospel? Is it because she is the all-American cute blond girl? I hate to tell people but women lie a lot in this world. Especially when they get caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

    By the way, our boys deserve to be equally as protected as the girls. They need to be protected from lying girls. We just had a case in my neighborhood were two girls claimed they were raped by three boys. The boys went and took lie detector tests and passed. The girls didn’t take tests at all. They refused. That was the only thing that saved those boys. But nothing happened to the lying girls!! They could have destroyed those boys lives!!!

    • Becci

      You and your ignorant comments make sick. I was actually going to send you response equal in length to your posting, however, I’m convinced you’re mind is much too small to receive the message.

  • Greg

    To Ah,

    I am the father of two daughters ages 19 and 14 and I totally agree with everything that you said. I have told my daughters that if you don’t want to be a “victim” in a similar situation as this story, then don’t make the choice of being there. You and I are not advocating that if a girl goes to a party and chooses to get drunk beyond comprehension that she deserves to be raped. Instead we are merely stating that life is about making decisions and whatever ones that we make we have to live with. Back in my bachelor days if a woman and I mutually chose to have sex afterwards it would have been very easy for her to claim that I raped her and my life could have been ruined. So girls, if you choose to indulge in sketchy or risky behavior, then also choose to deal with it.

  • John

    What you two fail to realize is that regardless of what situation a person puts themselves in like this, the fact that a second person is involved in the outcome is what is more important here. So what if she drank till she passed out? Who cares if she snuck out of the house? (Like none of us have ever done these things growing up as a teen.) You could ask the question, why did the guy do what he supposedly did when he knew she was in such a state in the first place.

    The fact remains that the other party involved had the conscious decision to choose to walk away from the situation. They could have chosen not to do any of those “alleged” things to her while she was in such a state. Those things never would have happened if the guy made the decision not to take advantage of the situation she supposedly put herself in. Ever consider that?

    If the guys are worried about lying girls then like you’ve said, get the hell out of there. Why put yourself in a situation where you “can” get blamed for doing something if you’re innocent of it? Considering everyone there was underage, how is it really her fault for “being around alcohol” they should never have had it in the beginning and offered it to her. And I think the fact that a so called popular football star can only get laid by getting a girl drunk says a lot about his character. Clearly he can’t get laid by actually having a girl actually like him.

    Kids will be reckless and will do stupid things, but part of growing up is also having your kids learn about respect and doing the right thing. I NEVER would take advantage of a girl like that even if it meant loosing a chance to have sex with her just because I know better than to do something like that to someone. If ever, your daughter did have a lack of judgement in her actions and put herself in a similar situation, would you then tell her, well, it’s your fault dear. You shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation. So you deal with the consequences. I seriously doubt you would be like that. Whether or not the person “asked for it” or put themselves in such a situation. The choice was also his to decide to not do anything and just be a “good guy”