DailyMotion Causing Copyright Commotion

    November 30, 2006

We have all heard about the YouTube and Google saga concerning copyrighted material. To their credit they seem to be doing what they can to prevent infringement. That does not seem to be the case with a Paris based video sharing site called DailyMotion.com.

On their about page it reads “Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see and show the world.What’s a movie good for, if it’s stuck on your video camera, hard drive or mobile phone…So open up and share your videos with the world!” Apparently this includes copy written material as well.

According to a Media Post article the site has also launched DailyMotionMovieVids.com. On their homepage there is a disclaimer which says “Why this site is legal” When you click on it reads,” We do not and will not ever host any videos listed on our site. We ONLY provide links to videos on popular video upload sites nor do we upload the videos onto those sites.”

Staff attorney for Electronic Frontier Foundation Corynne McSherry said,” “It’s unclear what the law is going to be for copyright protection in the context of linking.” This does seem to be a gray area even with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.Major entertainment companies have not yet complained but Google, which provides AdSense ads to the site, has voiced their concern. Google said it would not supply ads to the TV site DailyMotionEpisodes.com because they view it as a violation of their terms of service concerning possible illegal content.

Dailymotion is still small when compared to a giant like YouTube but they recently reached one million registered users. ComScore Media Metrix said the site had 7.6 million unique visitors for the month of September.

This type of controversy concerning copy written material is not new. Social networking sites are working on developing technology that would quickly identify copy written material so it could be removed.

Until the filtering technology is perfected to spot potential illegal content the copyright infringement issue will remain.

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