Dailymotion Ads Avoid Intruding On Video

    January 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Toasters and Companion Logos are in as the video entertainment site Dailymotion tries to match delivering the marketing message with people’s rejection of intrusive ad formats.
Dailymotion Ads Avoid Intruding On Video

Ever since the videotape arrived, where people could skip past scenes they preferred to ignore, the desire to control the content consumption experience grew over time. The earliest Tivo units, which gave people so much control that TV studios blanched, followed suit.

As content creators have learned, people won’t put up with the archaic, intrusive commercials their parents had to watch for online video. An announcement today by Dailymotion gave some examples of how they want to get the message across without annoying the viewer.

Their Toaster ad format provides a 10-second overlay occupying part of the bottom portion of a video. People can opt to interact with it when it appears. Dailymotion said a synchronized 300×250 ad will always accompany a toaster placement, at the right end of the player.

With the Companion Logo ad, a 3D logo appears in the left corner of a video for ten seconds. If clicked, like the Toaster format, the interactive advertisement appears.

That Companion Logo and another ad format, the Home Theater ad video skin that wraps around a video, are open to professional videos only. Dailymotion expects to add a high-definition ad product in the coming weeks as well.

As we noted earlier, the age of the commercial break has hit its limit online. In a report by eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey, he noted the “interruption-disruption model” is dying out.

“Advertisers and their agencies who want to engage with today