Dailymotion Ads Avoid Intruding On Video

The commercial break dies a little more

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Toasters and Companion Logos are in as the video entertainment site Dailymotion tries to match delivering the marketing message with people’s rejection of intrusive ad formats.
Dailymotion Ads Avoid Intruding On Video

Ever since the videotape arrived, where people could skip past scenes they preferred to ignore, the desire to control the content consumption experience grew over time. The earliest Tivo units, which gave people so much control that TV studios blanched, followed suit.

As content creators have learned, people won’t put up with the archaic, intrusive commercials their parents had to watch for online video. An announcement today by Dailymotion gave some examples of how they want to get the message across without annoying the viewer.

Their Toaster ad format provides a 10-second overlay occupying part of the bottom portion of a video. People can opt to interact with it when it appears. Dailymotion said a synchronized 300×250 ad will always accompany a toaster placement, at the right end of the player.

With the Companion Logo ad, a 3D logo appears in the left corner of a video for ten seconds. If clicked, like the Toaster format, the interactive advertisement appears.

That Companion Logo and another ad format, the Home Theater ad video skin that wraps around a video, are open to professional videos only. Dailymotion expects to add a high-definition ad product in the coming weeks as well.

As we noted earlier, the age of the commercial break has hit its limit online. In a report by eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey, he noted the “interruption-disruption model” is dying out.

“Advertisers and their agencies who want to engage with today

Dailymotion Ads Avoid Intruding On Video
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  • http://www.freecoolgames.org games

    Dailymotion commercials are getting annoying, each video have a long annoying banners that blocks the viewing

  • Guest

    The ADs come back way too often. Hey, dailymotion, learn how to advertise POLITELY then maybe people would respect the ADs.

  • Guest

    BBD = Bye Bye Dailymotion.

  • Guest

    They pop up almost every minute, they take forever to go away, and by the time they do, another ad is not far away. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge problem, but what if the video is in a different language, and you NEED THE SUBTITLES?

    Dailymotion is a horrible website… I wouldn’t even go near it if I had a choice between it or YouTube…

  • Sweetbiella

    I’m so annoyed right now. I’m watching videos with subtitles on dailymotion and everytime these stupid ads keep popping up. I keep closing them but they still come!. Is this how you treat your customers? I know you get lots of money for people visiting your websites. I honestly think companies are wasting so much of their money advertising on that site…who the heck looks at those ads anyway. The first thing I do when they pop out I find the x button…I could care less what the ad says!!!.

  • Guest

    When I want to relax and listen to quiet, peaceful videos at Dailymotion, a very loud ad pops up in every single video playing energetic music. this website is a waste of time now

  • Guest


    seriously these ads are completely annoying now.
    before the ads were like 30 sec in the beggining of the video, in which i got annoyed but now its like fricken every 5 min of the same stupid ad over and over again=_=
    nobody wants whatevers on those stupid ads when it pesters you

    i got a link to this searching how to skip ads =_=

    BBD :)

  • Guest

    **** corporate america and the usage of those rich corporations ads on our videos. Seriously it’s enough i have to work for the ****ing man now i cant even view my ****ing videos. i’d expect advertising like this in communist china not america.

  • http://theabbatribute.co.uk Rowan

    I don’t mind banner ADs on my videos as with youtube etc, after all its a free service, but with Dailymotion you have to sit through several minutes of TV ADs before your video is played and this is just no use to anyone trying to advertise there products, as the average attention span of each viewer is just seconds! so if you have embed a dailymotion video on your site, with there intrusive advertising the chances of your video being viewed is zero! is there a way to turn this off?

    The only reason I tried Dailymotion is that you can specify the screen shot of the video unlike youtube which give you a choice of a random three. Can anyone recommend another site to host my videos?

    Many thanks

  • Joe

    Not to mention the fact they play the same god damned advertisement 3 times a video if its 15 minutes and im watching videos that are seperate in parts 2 hours each and it gets very annoying especially because I dont give a shit anymore about the old spice guy or the allure of love it makes me want to rip there heads off..

  • anon

    I’m annoyed to hell as well. Same damn product every time and way too often.

  • V.V.

    I’m watching some videos available only on dailymotion only because they are not available anywhere else at the moment (and are part of a many years old series that finishes with these ones). I use firefox. I use the full screen option. I cannot see any advertisements, BUT: the most annoying music starts to play in each 5-10 minutes for like 10-30 seconds without any picture connected to it, or anything connected to it tha I could see or click on or anything! it is not a nice music, but like a music for a haunted house, so every time I almost get a heart attack, and definitely feel very bad, BUT cannot do anything to stop it! if you know guys what it is, and more importantly how to switch if off, please HELP!!! at the moment I’m planning to watch the remaining 3 episodes, but never again use dailymotion in my life. I don’t want to get any mental illnesses cause by this crazy music…

  • valaki

    use AdBlock Plus! :) it worked for me :)

  • Troney

    The dailymotion has provided away just as the rest of the hosting companies to view videos for free. Now if there is a problem with seeing to many ads why dont you just pay another site to watch your video without ads. i just saying.

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