D.C. Shooting Suspect was Carrying Chick-fil-A Sandwiches

    August 16, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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In a bizarre twist to the story of the attempted shooting at the headquarters of a conservative religious lobbying group in Washington D.C. yesterday, the shooter was apparently carrying Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack. According to an FBI affidavit, the man, Floyd Lee Corkins, was carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in the same backpack from which he pulled a handgun before shooting a security guard.

Chick-fil-A has been at the center of the U.S. fight over gay rights in recent weeks after the Jim Henson company cut its marketing ties with the restaurant when Chick-fil-A’s president, Dan Cathy, made public comments opposed to same-sex marriage. Since then, the restaurant has seen a conservative Christian-backed appreciation day and a “kiss-in” day by gay rights supporters. All of this attention has made Chick-fil-A one of the fastest growing brands on Facebook.

The shooting occurred on Wednesday when Corkins entered the lobby of the Family Research Council (FRC) offices. The FBI affidavit states he said “something to the effect of, ‘I don’t like your politics,'” to security guard Leo Johnson, then pulled the handgun from his backpack and shot Johnson in the arm. Johnson was able to wrestle Corkins to the ground and disarm him. The gunshot wound was not life-threatening and an FRC spokesman has said that Johnson is expected to make a full recovery.

According to an AP report, Corkins is 28 years old and lived with his parents at the time of the shooting. He had recently volunteered at an LGBT community center in the D.C. area. Corker has been charged with assault with intent to kill and carrying firearms across state lines.

  • Pete

    He did not oppose gay marriage, he supported the biblical view of marriage.

    • Kristyn

      Exactly Pete! And I too support the biblical view of marriage. People are turning this into a hate thing just b/c Chrisitans disagree with their view on this subject matter. Since when difference of opinion become a hate issue?

    • Willie

      I agree with you both. What is going to happen when the gays out number the straights? What then? It’s called farming in my book. Need life for life to carry on. So juice in a cup and make some gay babies? I really want to see 2 dudes or just 2 females having a baby with BOTH of their own works?? Sorry gays. You still need 1 of oppisite sex. GET OVER IT!!! So go ahead and make your stupid comments.. I don’t comment much. ONLY when i see good hearted people making 100% common sense. ~~.~;

      • Vic

        That’s right, try having babies without God’s power!!!

    • Joe

      You mean Multiple wives, no thanks one is enough. Marry my brother’s widow – no thanks. I like her but not in that way. Arranged marriages, selling my daughter – not real interested. The bible can keep it’s style of marriage. Me and my wife with drink wine with our gay neighbors.

    • Sara

      I do believe You mean the Jewish view of marriage. They are not Christians

      • Joe

        Different Gods? Different rules, how novel. I guess that means that not everyone is beholden to the same rules. I think they call that Religious Freedom. Wow, Gay Marriage is a religious freedom.

  • gmoney

    I LOVE Chik fil A!

    • Matt

      How can you love something such as food when they support groups that demand gay people be straight, would you eat a mcdonalds if they supported groups that tried to make black people turn white?

  • Jane

    A family is defined by love. Jesus would have supported it.

    • Joe

      Jesus was gay. Hung around 12 guys, never married, went to weddings with his mother, wore togas and sandals.

      • Willie

        So jesus would of passed on his virgin mary as well??? You think 2 dudes or 2 females can just produce a baby out of thin air? Let me know how that works and i really doubt Jesus would of agreed with this AT ALL!!! ~~.~;

        • Joe

          Jesus was produced out of thin air, VIRGIN Mary. Gays must be trying to create another gay savior.

      • llallla@gmail.com

        Oh–how boring—gay is so perverse and degrading—shoving your you know what into another guy’s ass…is sick! when has it become the law of the land…that you can be for something…but not against it—when have we turned into gestapo Germany? These gay/les/Chaz–nutjobs…have to stop shoving their sick beliefs down our throats. We ARE THE GOLD STANDARD—-they are nowhere near equal.

        • Joe

          It’s true! The Catholic Church has shown little boys are the gold standard for anal sex.

        • Matt

          You are a sick, racist, a##hole!!!!

          Guess what, they think what you do to do your wife or whichever way it works in your relationship is just as sick and wrong to them, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THEY WERE BORN!!!

    • Matt

      And he was only a man, who knows if he was gay or straight or BI

  • Carlos

    This incident is clear indication of the level of hatred and bigotry of the gay community. They are pathetic fascists

    • Sean

      That’s it!! Fight alleged hate, with hate. Trust me, the gays couldn’t care less about this subject. They don’t care about your creepy cherry-picked bible, or you’re fattening chicken meals. What they do not appreciate is Chick’s leader funding anti-gay programs, particularly ones that want to pray away the gay, the nsame ones that have recently been discredited. “And fascists?” What a claim. Hitler was a fascist, and sent gays to the gas chambers to die. Fascism means a dictator and an end to pro-democracy thought. What country are you from, Mississippi?

  • Armand

    I am so thrilled to see people stand up to the vicious “homosexual activists” for their cultural and spiritual beliefs! Gay marriage is an oxymoron. Marraige was designed so that one man and one woman may unite financially, spiritually and physically to produce children and sustain those children. What the homosexual activists call “marraige equality” is a farce. The FRC SHOULD PURSUE HATE A CRIME CHARGE. It is most certaintly an attack on a peoples religious identity.

    • Amok


      • Willie


    • Sean

      LOL We don’t even know the facts yet. Why would this guy support Chick-F, then take a gun to threaten some nutty Christians? Gays don’t get anywhere near as violent as their straight counterparts. And trust me, the Gays are not so obvious. We are the single most powerful minority in the country right now. We are better funded, wiser, smarter, more clever, and we choose our battles. We also happen to have history, justice, and pretty soon, the Supreme Court on our side. And by the way, you heteros have a crappy record when it comes to marriage. Not to mention you keep having gay off-spring. Good luck.

      • kevin

        you better watch what you say about people, gays are smarter than straights? where in the hell do you get that idea sexuality has nothing to do with IQ you may be he most powerful minoriy but once again you are a minoity not a majority! marriage as defined historically and bibically is between a man and a woman not a man and a man or a woman and a woman i have no problem with gays, as long as they dont hit on me but i do have a problem with calling their union marriage as that goes against every version of what we have as Gods word in every religion gay should have the same freedoms as straights but call the union something else but give it same parameters as marriage see all straight people arent racist sexist evil hate mongers everyone has different beliefs and what you said sean shows you are just as intolerant as many you are crying out against such as chick fil a

        • JackHammer

          How is history on gays side? What society has ever lifted homosexual unions to the same level as heterosexual ones. It is far more common in history to see homosexuality as a crime punishable by death, not that I advocate that. And at least heterosexuals can reproduce. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any gays.

        • Sara

          The man used his R E L I G I O N to sell his business

    • Matt

      You are right that it is a hate crime, this man did take it to far, however your definition of marriage is just plain wrong. Explain to me how Gay Marriage Affects you personally? The world has always been wrong in the past when one group tried to tell another how to live their own life. From the Crusades to the Holocaust, no good ever came out of forcing one’s beliefs on another.

    • Fae

      Preach it Armand. Two thumbs up.

  • Amok

    I knew chicken made you violent!

  • Willie

    Correction “Opposite sex” not “Oppisite sex” ~~.~;

  • robert

    The guy is probably a weak willed idiot pushed to the extreem. I understand he volenteered at some group that was in favor of gay marriage. I dont think any of that group wanted this to happen It is possable that durring break room off the top of their head ranting some people may have vented abought it. He might have taken it seriously. What bothers me more is what did he do for a full time job? He had a Masters in Education. That nutjob teaching

  • You will never know

    What a bunch of hateful bigots, you christians are! I cannot wait until you find out there is no heaven, and no god! Tee hee!

    • robert

      we shall see. Just please dont you send us there because you disagree with our point of view. I would hate for to be on you soul when you die.

    • No More OBAMA

      what if YOUR the one who is wrong just because you dont beleive it doesn’t mean its not real

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AhU12zC8fc Anonymous

    f— this country f— all the gays f— all this s—, i hope this country gets nuked so there won’t be anymore of this s— this country has its head up its ass, and what the f— does it matter anymore i would love to watch this country burn, this “government” as we call it ran this f—— country into the ground many years ago, now all i want to do is just watch it all burn, and start over again just learn to let go and start again.

  • Ben

    Delivering food with attitude.

  • Alecia

    The world is full of lunatics.

  • Sinner

    I don’t care how many gay people that Chick-Fil-A P!sses off, I’m never going to stop eating there.

    • Sara

      You will when they kill You with all that fat ha

  • Matt

    That will never happen, get a life and stop believing in your false god

  • meech

    What ever happened to ppl mining their own damn business? Christians, If the gays are indeed going to hell….why do you EVEN care. And gays, if Christians don’t like what you are, OR WHERE YOU PUT YOUR PENIS pull your pants down and have em kiss your ass. Can we, as a country, focus on things tht are life or death situations PLLLLLEASE!

    • robert

      Your correct there are more important things then who is or isnt going to hell to worry abought.But please I want to see your butt as much as you want to see mine.
      Yes houmor everyone needs little smile occationaly.

    • MyEyez

      I loooooove this comment. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  • los

    So many morons on here. All of a sudden its the Christians fault. Don’t take away that this shooter was an insane man who wad going to kill innocent people. Far left wings going way too far. But oh no the frc made him do this. How dumb.

  • Mimi

    You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Who gives a…….what he had for lunch. This is irresponsible and inflammatory reporting. Pathetic.

  • BruceB

    H8te groups like the FRC will attract phychos, just like Dr. Tiller was murdered by hate speach by Tony Perkins against abortions. Stop the H8te and end the violence. It is that simple.