Cutts Releases Infrastructure Status Report

    January 11, 2007

Matt Cutts has given the infrastructure report of the current month. The quarterly PageRank export is on its way.

Do not think the rankings and traffic will change dramatically as the PageRank values have already been integrated in the Google scoring. PageRank in the toolbar is updated by quarterly data push and it also updates data of the concerned info and links. At times supplemental results in a site are shown before regular results for which Matt Cutts says ” I believe we’ve changed that so that regular results will usually show ahead of supplemental results for site: queries.

You’ll continue to see the supplemental results get even fresher, and website owners may see more traffic from their supplemental results pages. To check out the current freshness of the supplemental results, I grabbed 20 supplemental pages from my site and checked out their crawl date using the “cache:” command and looking in the cached page header. The oldest supplemental results page that I saw was from September 7th, 2006 (and I only saw 2-3 pages from September; most were from December or November). The most recent of the 20 pages was from January 7, 2007, which shows that supplemental results can be quite fresh at this point.”

Google is planning to change filetype operator which means it will not need another query word. You can use filetype:doc or filetype:pdf. It is expected to be live very soon. Earlier data pushes were done every 3-4 weeks but now it is done every 1-2 days which leads to changes in the ranks.


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