Cutts Less Kidnapped, More Video-y

    August 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s Matt Cutts continues his SEO video tutorials, which began over the weekend, adding six more short segments. Apparently the first three were a hit.

It’s good to see Matt took the advice that a bare wall behind him gave his vlogging debut a hostage-crisis feel. He added a framed “language families of the world” poster in the back to illustrate not only his flare for decorating, but also his interest in mind-numbingly boring topics.

Just kidding, Matt, you wouldn’t believe the linguistics and phonetics courses I took in college. But you should consider changing your shirt from time to time.

Cutts takes on a variety of topics in videos 4-9, answering the burning questions submitted by viewers. Here’s a list of the topics he covers:

Static vs. Dynamic URLs

Sitemaps hack alerts

Geo-targeting within Google’s Quality Guidelines

Merging acquired domains with 301s

How to create a site architecture with themes and keywords

URLs with too many parameters/serving up static HTML to Googlebot

Splitting A/B testing

Supplemental results

Analytics and SERPs

Duplicate content

How to mark your pages as porn in SafeSearch

Google terminology

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