Cutts Explains How Blogs Can Rank Higher In Google

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If you want your blog to do better in Google’s search results, Matt Cutts recommends WordPress. According to a presentation Google’s Webspam captain gave at WordCamp San Francisco, Word Press takes care of about 80-90 percent of SEO mechanics.

The presentation, which spans 50 pages, is available at Cutts’ blog in Google Docs or PowerPoint. Other than how WordPress helps automatically, Cutts gave tips about how to get a blog to rank better in Google. The two biggest ones are be relevant and be reputable.

Being Relevant

Some of this is voodoo and some of this technical, obviously. The big questions are necessary, equivalent to who am I? Why am I here? Cutts recommends asking yourself: “What do I love?” “What am I really good at doing?” What do I have to say?”

Once you’ve answered those questions and commit to exploring them via bloggery, there are some technical things for gaining relevance, like keyword relevance. Choose words users are likely to type, and include them naturally in blog posts. For example, a blogger can use name variations referring to the same device: usb drive, thumb drive, flash drive, pen drive.” Cutts recommends ALT attributes.

Also consider URL structure. WordPress default URL structure uses question marks and numbers, instead of day and name, month name, etc.. Cutts says these types of URLs improve aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility. For URL paths with keywords in them, Cutts says dashes (hyphens) are preferred over underscores to separate words, but no spaces between words is a bad idea (example.com/my-keywords).

Don’t overdo keywords in the text. Make sure they flow naturally. Otherwise, Google could bust you for keyword stuffing.

Being Reputable

Cutts recommends the following to boost a blogger’s reputation:

Be interesting

Update often

Find your niche

Provide a useful service

Do original research or reporting

Give great information

Live blog

Make lists

Create controversy

Meet people on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed

Other Useful Information

Google crawls in decreasing order of PageRank, which means if a site has a low PageRank, it will be crawled last, behind sites with higher ranking.

Cutts’ simplified definition of PageRank is “the number and importance of links pointing to a site.”

Cutts also recommends plug-ins he uses for his blog, which include Akismet (a comment spam catcher), Cookies for Comments (another comment spam catcher), Enforce www. Preference (301 redirects to no-www or yes-www preference for link building), Feedburner Feedsmith (for tracking subscribers), and WP Super Cache (for fast caching).


Cutts Explains How Blogs Can Rank Higher In Google
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  • http://www.seosean.com SEO Services

    That’s cool, there are actually some good nuggets of knowledge we can pick up and use from that. I’m happy to see this and read his stuff. The facts he released such as “Google crawls in decreasing order of PageRank” and recommends for boosing a blogger

  • http://spidermarket.wordpress.com Tweaking For SEO

    Great tips and information about WordPress. We used to use blogger, but we’ve been slowly working on more off of wordpress. I now understand why wordpress totally dominates for seo. Under the hood of this CSM, it is tweaked for SEO. I guess the advice is whatever you are into, your blog or regular website can be a wordpress.

  • http://www.digital-clarity.com Tom Collinson

    I think it’s long been known that WordPress is great for SEO but to hear that it does 80-90% of the work right out of the box just reinforces that view and is a testament to the quality of an open source blogging platform.

    It’s fair to say products like ExpressionEngine have plenty to bring to the table but the average website owner is able to run a small to medium size website from a single (and free) install of WordPress without too much trouble.

    I’m not 100% sold on it as an all round CMS but it is extremely flexible in the right hands and serves many website owners very well.

  • http://phenomenalcontent.com Christina Gleason @ Phenomenal Content

    It’s good to know that a CMS like WordPress can be easy to use, easy to customize, and still be great for ranking. It doesn’t need to be complicated to get it right.

  • http://twitter.com/jeremy_sherman Jeremy Sherman

    I definitely agree that WordPress is the best blogging platform available. Not only is it extremely SEO friendly, the plugins, themes and widgets make it ultra customizable. However, I’ve seen many people launch a WP blog without making any modifications and it’s not so SEO friendly. So, labeling it as SEO friendly “out of the box” may be a misstatement. And if you are looking for fast crawling, add the xml sitemap generator.

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    Google is fooling itself to think search will continue to be important in terms of text, keywords etc I give it a year and people will not be typing in words to search for anything 😉
    Wordpress is killer and all my do follow blogs enjoy great rankings and traffic thanks to Google. Oh well my friend it was good while it lasted.

  • http://inchoo.net/services/custom-wordpress-development/ WordPress Development

    WordPress rocks. It’s almost SEO perfect out of the box. Years ago, when I first installed wordpress, I knew it’s a CMS I’ll stick around with for a long time :)

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Spencer Spellman

    Although as a CMS, sometimes it would be nice for WordPress to do more and have more bells and whistles then some of the content management systems out there, WP is all in all a great blogging platform. It’s really evolved over the years and I’m glad to see that being affirmed here.

  • http://www.storbyferieguiden.dk/Storbyferie-Rom/Billige-Rejser-Rom.aspx Billige Rejser til Rom

    I can recommend the “All in one seo Pack” plugin for WordPress.

    I takes care of the SEO.

  • http://lancepat.wordpress.com Lance

    I thought Google was supposed to be smart enough to see past SEO…

  • http://www.momsinc.biz WAHM

    I agree WordPress is a great blogging platform. So many things can be done with WordPress with the right plugins.

  • http://www.integrisearch.com Integrisearch

    As always, Matt, er, cuts to the chase of ranking well in Google.

    The answer: “Don’t blog just to rank well in Google.”

    Blog because you love it.

    Let WordPress take care of so-called on-page optimization, is great advice, as well.

    You can’t focus on writing honest, compelling content when you’re worried about “optimizing the title, description, H1 tag, body copy, URL, anchor text, etc.”

    Just write and keep writing.

  • http://www.doruman-business.com/ doruman

    Matt Cutts the head of the Google

  • http://forum.caplay.com/member.php?u=41341 Ettie Beachman

    fantastic, I have a few questions though is it ok to post them here?

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