Cutts Confirms Google Toolbar PR Update

    January 3, 2009
    Chris Crum

A week or so ago, some people noticed some updates to Google Toolbar PageRank scores. It was unconfirmed however if this was an official update. Matt Cutts eventually confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed a Google update.

Matt Cutts Tweet

Cutts later said on his blog, "In case you didn’t see where I confirmed it on Twitter, Google recently did a toolbar PageRank update. It’s pretty much done now. If you want more info, I’ve answered questions about PageRank and the Google Toolbar in the past."

People’s sites are going both up and down, but it is important to remember that the toolbar is "not an accurate indicator of how Google ranks or values a site," as Loren Baker notes at Search Engine Journal. Though it is still a factor.

Cutts also makes the bold prediction that this will be the last PageRank update of the year. Haha.