Cutts Confirms Google Toolbar PR Update

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A week or so ago, some people noticed some updates to Google Toolbar PageRank scores. It was unconfirmed however if this was an official update. Matt Cutts eventually confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed a Google update.

Matt Cutts Tweet

Cutts later said on his blog, "In case you didn’t see where I confirmed it on Twitter, Google recently did a toolbar PageRank update. It’s pretty much done now. If you want more info, I’ve answered questions about PageRank and the Google Toolbar in the past."

People’s sites are going both up and down, but it is important to remember that the toolbar is "not an accurate indicator of how Google ranks or values a site," as Loren Baker notes at Search Engine Journal. Though it is still a factor.

Cutts also makes the bold prediction that this will be the last PageRank update of the year. Haha.

Cutts Confirms Google Toolbar PR Update
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  • http://www.rygestopguiden.dk/Rygestop-Information/Undgaa-at-falde-i.aspx Ryge Stop

    Is they Pagerank on the Google Toolbar the same as you can find, it you are using the webbased Pagerank Checkers?

  • http://www.foot01.com foot

    Next update…. 30th march 2009 :-)

  • http://randomplaza.net Mitchell Henderson

    Ryge Stop, should be if the pagerank checker works correctly.

  • http://digitalmarket.com.au Cheap Digital Camera Guy

    It’s nice to come back from holidays and see most of my sites running at PageRank 3 …. thanks Google 😉


  • http://www.websearchmaven.blogspotcom search maven

    Yes I can confirm that there has been an update to The page rank as my very own blog received its first page rank.

  • http://www.websearchmaven.blogspot.com search maven

    yes indeed the Page rank has been added as my blog has received a new rank.

  • http://www.singwithpiano.com Dennis Quek

    I would love if google could give us news about an update, the expected dates or date range where an update is expected etc.

    Otherwise we will all be wondering…

  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ Chris

    For those who don’t knowe, we were due a PR update anyway. What Matt actually means is that there has been an update to PR values – the update itself is scheduled and happens every couple of months.

  • http://www.direito2.com.br Ruben Zevallos Jr.

    Well, I’m not PR hungry, but after this news, I did a check and I saw that my PR moved from 3 to 5, I hope it give more access after the hollydays.

  • http://aids-treatment-antiaidsdrugs.blogspot.com aids-treatment-antiaidsdrugs

    This is true ,
    one of my site moved to PR 5 from 3 and three to 3 from 4 .
    Much loss , than gain.

  • http://guruproductlaunch.com Guru Product Launch

    I noticed an increase in PR for most web properties… for this site I went from 0 to PR2… I started the site in December and its like 6 weeks old.

  • http://wwwtrafficup.net Guest

    Next update…. 30th march 2009 :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how you know when the next update ????????

  • http://www.vxseo.com SEO Report

    its all about the SERPs people

  • http://www.edtechguide.com edtechguide

    Many thanks to Google.. my PR 0 now went up to PR 2… im feeling great.. thanks and more PR ahead

  • http://www.productsforresale.com Robert C – The Wholesale Guy

    Yup, it’s an update. Went from a 4, to a 3, to 4 again. Ah, the wonderful world that is Google..

    Robert – The Wholesale Guy

  • http://www.zaldydalisay.com Zaldy

    Yes I’ve noticed that there was a pagerank update last week of December though it didn’t hit most of my sites, only 2 went up :-)

  • http://www.expressosg.com/ Guest

    Yes I see this pagerank update too. How long do these changes normally take?

  • http://qanda.encyclopedia.com/ questions

    We saw it as well.

  • http://www.rankbetterseo.com/custom-wordpress-design.php wordpress blog designs

    Thanks for the update Chris. We noticed this as well across many of our sites.

  • http://kolorob.com Kolorob

    It’s nice to come back from holidays and see most of my sites running at PageRank 4/3 …. thanks Google

  • http://www.remotespy.com/ Spy Software

    I spy with my little eye, something beginning with F. It’s a page rank move from 3 to 4, not too bad for a new year’s gift! Now if only the recession wasn’t taking a bite into software sales.

  • http://www.webdirectory.si/Business/ webdirectory – Business

    Don’t know why – but my site gor degraded from PR5 -> PR4 :(:(

    Ryge – PR should be the same

  • http://www.juust.org/ juust

    the webbased checkers I know of use the google toolbarquery (some just suck).

    the only time results can differ is when you use domain.com in stead of www.domain.com, the toolbar always returns the rank of the url in the address bar.

    I also had a question : I heard first Google update the ‘big’ domains and then in a second round update new domains and smaller domains, and inner pages, is that true ?

  • http://www.goacom.blogspot.com Goacom

    my site has got a PR of 1 atlast. Hopw it will rise up by next update. Any one knows the frequency of PR updates by google? so when is the next expected?

  • http://www.seo4searchengines.com Jose Lopez

    As an SEO Consultant myself, I tell people don’t worry about page rank. Sure it look good but it’s not needed to gain traffic or generate income. As long as you have content and your site is optimized, you’ll be fine. www.seo4searchengines.com

    • http://bradstinyworld.com Brad Hart

      There are plenty of income sources where PR is plenty important from how much you make from adsense clicks to backlinks and paid postings.

  • http://www.getvend.com Guest

    On Dec 31 I was a 0PR since my site was 3 months old or so.
    Jan 2nd it went to PR3 out of nowhere.

    Jan 3rd It was down to 2


  • http://www.pilotman.com Remove duplicate files

    Anyone know how often they make these page rank updates?

  • http://www.d-w-m.es/ Dise

    I do not know if Google updates the pagerank, but I already has over 1 years with a PR4, every time Google does not put it more difficult to attract visitors to our site, Google wants all the web traffic for them, is not just be left to compete and I am trying to get by with Google Adsense.Pero really earn a pittance if you have it 5 to attract more visitors.


  • Miglin

    It looks like Google are upto something today. The Google toolbar PR display is very intimitant and other tools which rely on Google PR are not working. Is any one else having problems?

  • http://www.mynewswire.co.in news wire

    Hey guy

    “Next update…. 30th march”

    i am still looking for google update..is anyone find changes on their website PR or ranking…please share your exp here…


  • http://www.franportal.com/ Guest

    Another update?

  • http://www.designerpk.com seo

    Google never shows you your live true pagerank in the toolbar. and next pr update will be in the end of december or start of jan .. hope I’ll get high pr :)

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