Cutts Answers Google Analytics Speculation

    November 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

With the launch of Google Analytics, there was some speculation in regard to whether the data collected through the program could impact search results or raise privacy concerns. According to Google insider Matt Cutts, neither is probable. And yes, Virginia, there is a Sandbox, kind of.

On his recently launched WebProBlog, Rich Ord, iEntry Inc. CEO, speculated on the impact of Google Analytics on search results.

“Google could add pageview and unique visitor data to its search algorithm in order to more accurately determine site popularity and “Web Attention”. This would be more reliable than PageRank because it can’t be SEO’ed to artificially inflate a sites popularity,” writes Ord.

But in response to that notion, Matt Cutts answers at PubCon Las Vegas with decided “no.” Google Analytics will probably not be utilized to improve search results.

On privacy issues, Cutts was dismissive.

“In my mind that is not at all a concern, and if anything changes in that regard in the future I will certainly post about it. I don’t think it needs to be a concern at all,” said Cutts referring to his weblog.

As for the fabled Google Sandbox, Cutts implied that there wasn’t an intentional Sandbox-like creation, but “some things in [Google’s] infrastructure [could be] perceived as a Sandbox.”

“So…. yes, the Google sandbox does exist to some extent, but is probably not as widespread as thought,” concludes Ord.