Customizable XML Content Creation

    September 20, 2004

XyEnterprise’s new adapter integrates Microsoft InfoPath with XyEnterprise’s Content@ content management software.

The adapter enables the use of InfoPath as a user-friendly, customizable interface to Content@’s XML content creation, editing, and re-use capabilities.

The Content@ adapter to InfoPath is an important information solution for organizations where end users create and use business critical content. It provides an intuitive, form-based interface based on Microsoft Office technology, then stores and manages the content from the form in XML in the Content@ system. All other standard Content@ features, such as workflow, re-use, version control and multi-channel delivery are available to users through the adapter.

“Many of our customers and prospects are looking to simplify the process for creating and managing XML data,” said Rich Pasewark, vice president of Sales and Marketing, XyEnterprise. “They want XML content, but the interface has to be intuitive and simplify the content creator’s work, not overwhelm them with complex coding or unfamiliar editing tools. With InfoPath, XyEnterprise and its customers can easily and quickly design customized forms and graphical user interfaces tailored to the specific requirements, terminology or business rules of the user.”

Examples of real-world business applications of the Content@ system and InfoPath Adapter include: catalog creation and publishing, creation of marketing materials and data sheets, and technical collateral for products as diverse as computer servers, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, and consumer products.

The ease of use offered by the InfoPath forms environment, coupled with the power of XML re-use provided by the Content@ software, create powerful business and technology benefits, including:

— More users involved in business-critical content processes

— Reduced training and support costs for authoring and document management

— Expanded capabilities and improved efficiency for remote users and internal staff

— IT approval based on approved Microsoft applications and tools

— XML standards compliance

— Ease of deployment and maintenance as new or modified forms and interfaces can be easily distributed or updated via local or web connections

The Content@ InfoPath adapter is available for early adopters now.

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