Customer Engagement and the Big Bucks

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There’s a constant debate about the “best” way to earn online income, and the simple answer is that there is no optimum path to achieving this goal. But one thing is certain, the deeper the engagement with your visitors, the more you’ll benefit.

Here’s why: The whole system of Internet Marketing profits is based on effort and engagement.


Web advertising (text links, banner ads, Adsense) has a back-of-napkin payout of about 1-10% against your time and resorces.

Comparatively, CPA (cost per action) marketing where you’re rewarded on leads taking an action (filling in a form, submitting an email address or zip code) pays about 5% to 30% return on your effort.

Affiliate marketing with payouts on completed transactions gives a payout of 10% to 90% (depending on whether it’s a physical product or digital one).

And the big kahuna is product creation with payouts of 20% to 100%, and you control the highway toll booth so to speak.

The higher payouts are proportional to customer engagement, and your efforts to profile and understand them.

With that equation clearly in mind, why would you choose to focus on lower levels of engagement with a limit to your time and resources?

I understand the often heard sentiment from new marketers to start out with “something easy”.

It’s good to wade in baby pool at the beginning of the journey, but choosing to stay in there for long periods of time, even when people have graduated to blue oceans is beyond me.

And just in case, you’re wondering about the guy who operates 1,000 blogs running adsense on them. I think the branding associated with being a super affiliate or owning your own product, far outstrips the guy with 10,000 made-for-Adsense blogs.

That’s my personal view.

The key is to have a game plan when starting out, and following the plan.

Your comfort zone and your mindset will set the pace for your eventual success in this field.


Customer Engagement and the Big Bucks
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