Curved iPhone: Will it be Apple's Newest Design?


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Wasn't it just a couple months ago that Apple released both the 5s and the 5c at the same time? Now there are rumors spreading like wildfire that Apple will once again do a double phone release. The news seems to be Apple's response to both Samsung and LG who have recently released smartphones with a curved display. Now Apple is reportedly designing two separate models which will feature a curved screen and enhanced touch sensors that can detect varying levels of pressure. The main difference from their competitors will be the use of a wraparound display.

The information, which was first released by Bloomberg, reported that the new iPhones will feature screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, which will make them the largest Apple phones to date. The newest Galaxy Note 3 runs 5.7 inches and the Galaxy Round, which was released about a month ago, both feature the latest bigger is better trend in technology. In addition, the new LG model G Flex, features a 6-inch flexible screen with a plastic back that actually heals itself. Yes, you can nick, scratch, ding and maybe even drop it. The phone will reportedly repair itself.

Apple's new curved phones can't come out quickly enough for the company whose revenue growth and current sales are the slowest in five years. When the company released two different iPhone versions at the same time last September, something they had never done before, the iPhone 5s wound up dominating sales over the iPhone 5c. The 5s is the cheaper model.

When can we expect Apple's latest foray into the crowded but still overtly competitive smartphone market? No release date has been set and the phone is still at the beginning of the production stage. Whether the latest curved model trend will takeover also remains to be seen.

Image Via Wikipedia Commons