Cursor Changes

    April 3, 2003

Using CSS, you can change the browser’s cursor at different points on the web page. The CSS to change cursors is supported by IE, and some of the cursor shapes by the latest versions of Netscape.

Here’s how to use it:
To change the cursor to a hand while it’s over the text of a paragraph, do this:

<p style=”cursor: hand;”>
Paragraph text here.
To change the to a help question mark symbol:

<p style=”cursor: help;”>
Paragraph text here.

Many shapes are available (with generally accepted meanings indicated):

crosshair precision placement.
hand clickable object.
move movable object.
text can be edited or selected.
wait system is busy (often hourglass shape).
help help subject (often question mark shape).
e-resize resize right.
ne-resize resize up and right.
n-resize resize up.
nw-resize resize up and left.
w-resize resize left.
sw-resize resize left and down.
s-resize resize down.
se-resize resize down and right.

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