Cursing Toddler: Protective Custody After Viral Vid

    January 9, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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A police union in Omaha, Nebraska had found itself at the center of racial controversy over a video they posted featuring an African American toddler. In the video, the diapered little boy was encouraged by his adult family members to swear, make gang signs, and there were even sexual references made.

Some African Americans were upset at what they felt was the stereotyping of the African American household: Why didn’t the police union shine a light on dysfunctional white households as well? There was concern that the message being sent was a one-sided affair, and that the posting of the video was a poor way of dealing with the problems presented by the footage.

The police union defended the decision to share the video, stating that the footage highlighted “cycle of violence and thuggery” that the local African American community faces. They felt by calling out the behavior of the adults towards their young children would generate dialogue that would shed light on the issue.

Still, many more who viewed the now viral video had a much less racially-charged concern regarding the content: Was this little boy being abused? The language in the video directed at and encouraged in the child is wildly inappropriate, especially in terms of sexuality. There was anger at the video being shared without any perceived intention of investigating by the authorities.

It has now been reported by Omaha police that the toddler and his three siblings have been removed from his home and placed in protective custody. The police department stated that the video was viewed with prosecutors who determined based on the footage, no laws were broken. However, Child Protective Services felt that there was enough to suggest safety concerns. These concerns resulted in the children being taken away.

Was the child’s removal an attempt to save face or a response to a serious threat? This will certainly be a matter of heavy debate. What should not be up for debate is that what was in the video was disturbing and unfortunate and a poor reflection on the adults involved.

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  • Ok

    Lets get realistic about life in America. The vast majority of crimes are done by blacks. When you go to a prison, 95% of the violence is cause by blacks. So in a place where supposedly the worst people in society are the blacks are the ones causing all the problems.

    There is a problem in the black community. Being politically correct isn’t going to solve it. It is such a big problem that the people complaining about this are worrying about stereotyping instead of the fact this kids is being taught gang signs and he is a child being taught to talk like a savage.

    But yet, Riley Cooper will say the n-word one time and the world is outraged!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      I would say a % of Black Americans locked up is greatly related to drugs. Drug use and/or dealing. Though I dont think the video the Police put out trying to show “what happens in a black american home” is in any way related. Most grown black men wont even kuse in front of their parents out of fear of getting they ass whooped. I’ll agree its bad parents in the world but thats global, not a race issue. I think all they’ll end up doing is letting the hate & misbeliefs & propaganda grow or worsen in place of improve. The hate white people have had pre and post slavery is still abundant.