Curse of Chucky Red Band Trailer Released


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Just like most of their antagonists, horror franchises never die. It's an unwritten rule of some sort. So, the fact that a movie titled Curse of Chucky is on the way should come as now surprise to movie-goers.

Though the Child's Play series has certainly gotten silly enough for a "gritty" reboot, Curse of Chucky isn't quite that. Instead, the movie is set in a time shortly after Child's Play 3, cutting out Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky entirely. Brad Dourif is back as the voice of Chucky, and Don Mancini (the writer of all the Child's Play movies and the director of Seed of Chucky) is back as the movie's writer/director.

The movie also seems to be trying to capture more of the creepy horror elements from the first two Child's Play flicks. The story involves a woman visiting family after the death of her mother, and a young niece who loves a red-haired doll that mysteriously showed up in a package. As seen in the new red band trailer below, people begin dying in horrible ways:

Curse of Chucky won't be hitting theaters this Halloween. In a series first, the movie will be straight-to-DVD, with a release date of October 8.