Current Event Searching on Google and Yahoo

    February 28, 2007

One of the folks over in Yahoo! Search sent me a pointer to Showing Yahoo Some Search Results Love which says, among other things:

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions at the Internet Marketing Monitor, Yahoo generally has much better results for searches based on current events.

And then:

But it’s hard to argue that, strictly as a search engine, Yahoo is behind. But the best way to see which you prefer is simply to test them. Do identical searches on Google and Yahoo…

And that struck a chord with me because of something that happened just yesterday.

A friend had mentioned something about a movie we had seen winning an Oscar. So hit Ctrl+K (change focus to the search box in Firefox) and typed in "2007 oscar winners" in the hopes of finding the list of winners.

Well, I could go on to describe how I didn’t find what I was looking for, switched to Yahoo! Search (something I hadn’t done in a long time), and found it right away with the same query.

But I decided to ask myself "What Would Jon Udell Do?" and then made a little screencast (3MB Windows Media format) to demonstrate this instead.

Disclaimer(s): It’s my first "real" screencast. You’ll note the lack of sound. I tried to find some suitable music but got distracted by other things. I also tried putting it on-line as an embeddable flash video, but the quality sucked. So you get the full-resolution version. Also, I know about Google News and Yahoo News, but I like to use web search when I think it should work.

Making screencasts is fun. I’m gonna do more of this. :-)


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