Cuban Smoking Out Blog Spam

    August 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff founder turned billionaire basketball owner Mark Cuban wants to ban blog spam from his IceRocket search engine.

Mr. Cuban is no fan of blog spam, going so far as to threaten to ban every single blog from IceRocket. He is not pleased, as this comment of his shows:

Google seems to be working hard to adjust their relevancy indexes to exclude splog from having influence on search rankings, but they dont seem to be doing anything more than removing reported splogs. Kind of like going after the zombies one at a time with a shovel. Can we get some help on this Google?

Google has made an effort to enlist its visitors in helping target these spam blogs. Blogger has added a Flag button to the Blogger navigation bar that appears at the top of Blog*Spot blogs. Users who come across a blog containing what they feel is “objectionable content” can click the Flag.

With enough people flagging a site, the Blogger site admins will review content. They might “unlist” obejctionable blogs, but spam blogs violate the terms of service and that calls for content removal or account deletion.

So here’s a call to the Blog*Spot audience. Hit that Next Blog button a few times, and see if you can find 5 or 10 spam blogs to flag. If enough people do that every day, and it’s not difficult or very time consuming to do, that would compel Google to work on a better solution.

Surely the vaunted Google algorithm could rip through the domain pretty fast, and Google engineers capable enough to tweak it to spot spam blogs well enough to flag them automatically.

David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business. Email him here.