Crystal Mangum Found Guilty of Murder

    November 23, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Crystal Mangum, the woman who falsely accused three lacrosse players from Duke University of rape, was found guilty of second-degree murder on Friday. Mangum was convicted in the stabbing death of her boyfriend, 46-year-old Reginald Daye. It only took a jury about six hours to convict Mangum, who was subsequently sentenced to between 14 and 18 years in prison for her crime.

It was back in 2006 when Mangum, hired as a stripper for a Duke University lacrosse party, accused six players of gang-raping her. As a result of her accusations, which were later deemed to be false–the team coach lost his job. The state’s attorney general declared the players innocent after Crystal Mangum’s story fell flat and she showed a history of serious mental instability.

News of Mangum’s conviction made its way to Twitter.

Mangum claimed self-defense in the killing of Reginald Daye, claiming he was beating her in a jealous rage. She says during that beating she “poked him in the side” with a kitchen knife. Clearly the jury didn’t buy this story. Whether that’s based on the evidence presented by the prosecution or the defendant’s penchant for making things up remains unknown at this point in time. One day soon the jurors will no doubt have the opportunity to speak out during interviews about their reasons for convicting Crystal Mangum, and at that time it will become clear how and why each of them voted.

Regardless of the how and the why of this complex case, however, Crystal Mangum will serve the next 14 to 18 years of her life behind bars. During that time she will hopefully receive some serious mental health counseling and perhaps learn the value of telling the truth.

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  • Really

    I wonder how many other things she has lied about. Lots of women lie about men and men go to prison for it. Think about it, if the Duke players did not come from affluent families that could afford good lawyers, then all of them would still be in prison now. What about the hundreds and thousands of men out there that can’t afford good attorneys?

    • Stanley

      Awww, I feel soooo bad for this pos of a woman!!

  • Seymour

    I feel so bad for ma sista. Wonder why Brother Al didn’t come to her defense and testilie at the trial?