Crystal Bowersox “Coming Out for Christmas”

    January 5, 2014
    Jerrica Tisdale
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Since Crystal Bowersox became the season 9 runner up of American Idol, she mostly stayed away from the media. She focused exclusively on defining herself as an artist. However, around Christmas, she released a single that caused many to once again take notice of the Idol contestant. The song, called “Coming Out for Christmas,” is about revealing your sexuality to your family and friends over Christmas. One line of Bowersox’s song reads, “man it’s cold but to hold your hand, I’m taking off my gloves. As memories stoke in chimney smoke, pine and cinnamon. Finally I will introduce my love. Oh, as not just my friend.” Most of the chorus just repeats “I’m Coming Out for Christmas.”

These lyrics, and the song, sparked rumors that Bowersox might be a lesbian. Since October 2010, Bowersox has been married to Brian Walker. The two met six years prior, while performing at the Uncommon Ground cafe in Chicago, IL. In May of 2013, they announced their decision to divorce. Bowersox has a child from a previous relationship.

Bowersox, soon after releasing the song, tweeted confirming her sexuality.

After the song’s release, Bowersox said she received an overwhelming amount of positive responses about the song and her coming out. She told Greg In Hollywood that:

“It’s something I struggled with in high school, trying to come out to my family and my parents. It’s just something you didn’t talk about.’

When asked about her worries of being outed on Idol, she had this to say:

“I was still kind of exploring myself and what I wanted out of life. I was told from a young age that I was going to go to hell so it’s something I was working through at the time.”

Bowersox also told Greg in Hollywood that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s song Same Love, that features Mary Lambert, inspired her to write a song about the struggles of coming out. She hopes her coming out inspires others who are still afraid to admit their sexuality, especially those in high school.

Bowersox also went through a major look transformation over the holidays. She cut off her dreadlocks and straightened her hair.

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  • Rob B

    I still don’t get what the big deal is about “coming out”. So you sleep with another chick or a dude, whatever. I’m pretty sure your mom and dad are fine with keeping you love life private. My daughter is 14 and she’s already confided in me that she likes boys AND girls. So yeah, I’m fine with that and once she’s 18 she can sleep with anyone she likes and the less I know about that, the better. If she brings home a girl for mom and dad to meet, that’s fine too, but again the less I know about what goes on in the privacy of their own bedroom, the better.

    • sunny miller

      me either…i never saw the need to tell anyone who i am … if you know me then you know me.. this stuff is stupid

      • trubolt

        agreed. bi, gay, straight, so what? shouldn’t it be a private matter? what’s next, public sex?

  • Rob

    Great, selfishness and temporal satisfaction trumps the real meaning of Christmas again. It ain’t about who you sex with. Modern humanistic vanity gone awry and ruins Christmas for the rest of the family. Oh no, but my personal sexual preference must be made public and shared or “I” won’t be happy until it is. GO BACK IN! T.M.I.

  • Tom Pakwin

    It’s strange that she believes she can be an inspiration to lesbians in High School when she herself lived the heterosexual life for so long – had a child, and was in a close relationship with another guy for about 9 years. I can’t help but feel this is a stunt to get herself back into the spotlight.

  • CSWebber

    It has become so “trendy” to be gay that insecure, emotionally unstable liberals are jumping on the “Look at me, I’m Gay” bandwagon as an explanation for their screwed up lives.
    I’m tired of hearing about every hack artist who thinks they’re gay.

  • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

    If coming out is no big deal, why do you liberals always make such a big deal out of it? It was obvious she was “not right” when she was on Idol. Come to find out, she has a mental disorder which makes her sexually attracted to a person of the same sex. Now, she has to make some big production out of “telling” everybody. You stupid liberals try to normalize it, but it will never happen. Sex acts with a partner of the same sex is an abomination. Liberals like it or not.

    • Avid Reader

      You are correct!! Sleeping with the same sex is an abomination. Just like eating shrimp and Lobster is an abomination. Let me see, so is sleeping with an ex-spouse. Check it out. Lots of things are abominations according to the Bible. But then again ritualistic animal killings in sacrifice is just fine. How about we keep our private lives private and our opinions of others lives (better as known as gossip in some circles) to our selves and quit worrying about what Joe Blow does unless it happens on your front porch?

      • trubolt

        ummm, you just contradicted yourself with your own words. proofread much?

  • lena horne

    she said she is bi-so what is the big deal of coming out? i dont care who or what she sleeps with-as the same with robin roberts-why do i need to know/

  • DDJ

    Yeah why do we have to identify someone by what they do with their crotches? I don’t see the need to make this public “look at me” thing as if it matters. We live in a messed up world in many ways, and focusing on this sexual stuff like it’s everything is very shallow. And for these people I hope they realize they are more than what sex they choose to have that night. Otherwise, how sad. Aaaaand perverse.

  • acter

    The “big deal” about coming out is that so many children still get disowned by their parents, and thrown out on the streets, for being anything other than heterosexual. Or get bullied to death because they are not heterosexual — or even if they are simply perceived to be anyting other than heterosexual.
    And by the way people, orientation is not all about sex — it’s about attraction, and emotional intimacy, just as much as it is about physical intimacy.

    • trubolt

      nice spin. not buying it. some things should be private, that’s the point. sorry you missed it. #knee jerk reactor.

    • trubolt

      acter, how in the h3ll does putting a target on your back make it better? some things are meant to be private, period. why pour gas on a raging fire? hello?? that is the big deal. why make it worse on yourself????

  • Bill

    Who gives a crapola?

  • http://Twellow Marija

    I’m in total agreement with Y’all. What is this “coming out” thing? Just be yourself and let people like you on your own merit. Like someone said, “why must you identify yourself by what you do with your crotch?” Well put and all TMI and too personal to tell the world. Respect yourself more by being a private person in private matters. I’m so sick of this oversexualizing one’s identity and make it so important. You are more than your sexuality. Just be a decent person for God’s sake!!

  • http://dwgolf.com Dan Golf

    I’m not sure why anyone thinks they have to “come out”. I have asked myself, “If I were gay, would I come out?” I think not. It would be my business and I would have no reason to trumpet it to others.


    I agree! Never understood this, even from my own family members that have “Come out”. Why does what you do in the privacy of your bedroom sexually, define you as a person, as whole, in public?

    I am a 50 year old “straight” male.I like blonde and brunette ladies in their 20’s! Does that make me bi, since there is 2 of them! No! It makes me a “Dirty Old man”.

    I’m coming out! I’m a “Straight, Dirty, Old man”! Anybody with me?

  • Ron

    Who gives a crap who she sleeps with?

  • http://voiceoversbybrad.com Brad Smith

    And this is news why?

  • trubolt

    why do people now a days feel it necessary to reveal their sexuality publicly? hetero, gay, bi, so what’s the big deal? I mean to each their own, but one would think that would be a private matter.