CrossRef Launches Google-Powered Crossref Search

    April 28, 2004

Calling themselves the “citation linking backbone for all scholarly information in electronic form”, CrossRef has launched a Google-powered search engine called CrossRef Search. This engine allows users to search the full text of many types of scholarly documents.

CrossRef uses the collaborative environment of CrossRef, the reference-linking service for scholarly publishing, and Google search technologies. CrossRef enables users to search the full text of high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, and other resources covering the full spectrum of scholarly research from nine leading publishers.

“CrossRef is very excited to work with Google on this pilot program. Researchers, scientists and librarians should find CrossRef Search a valuable search tool,” said Ed Pentz, executive director of CrossRef. “Now, researchers and students interested in mining published scholarship have immediate access to targeted, interdisciplinary and cross-publisher search on full text using the powerful and familiar Google technology,” Mr. Pentz continued. “CrossRef Search, like CrossRef itself, breaks down barriers between publishers on behalf of research and library communities.”

CrossRef’s service is free of charge and covers current material, as well as back issues. Search results are sent from Google’s search index, but the results are filtered to feature only the participating publishers’ content.

A list of the participating publishers follows:

American Physical Society
Annual Reviews
Association for Computing Machinery
Blackwell Publishing
Institute of Physics Publishing
International Union of Crystallography
Nature Publishing Group
Oxford University Press
John Wiley & Sons, Inc

Essentially in beta stage, CrossRef will run this service through 2004 to evaluate the functionality of the engine. CrossRef is also in talks with other search engines for access to more indexes.

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