Crop Circle Plowed By Owner To Protect Property

    January 5, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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Let’s face it, not everyone likes the spotlight, which is why farmer Scott Anthony decided to get rid of the now famous crop circle that mysteriously appeared on his property last week.

The circle was first captured in an aerial shot by photographer Julie Belanger, and once the images got out to the general public, visitors from all over flocked to Anthony’s property, which didn’t sit too well with the 58-year old. Eventually, he hired someone from the Echelon Security company to shoo away crowds and protect his land.

But Anthony didn’t stop there and before the crowds got even bigger, he had the beautiful design plowed, which disappointed folks like Debra Falanga, who believes the circle was created by non-humans. She also felt the landowner should have kept it for others to see.

“When something unusual like this happens, why not let people experience it,” said Falanga in an interview with CNN. Plus, she says the design in the middle of the circle is proof that the image wasn’t created by humans.

“The Braille was so accurately portrayed, that’s hard to do manually, never mind in a crop circle,” she said. “It looks like a ticker tape of the number 192,192, 192.”

And even though Anthony had no desire to open his property to the public, and who could blame him, he had no idea how the circle got there in the first place. “To me, it looks like a computer chip or something like that,” he said. “To be that intricate in design, it kind of baffles me as to how that was done.”

Anthony was on vacation when a worker on his farm alerted him to the circle and he said the main reason he called security and ultimately removed the design was to protect his crops. “It’s a food safety issue,” he said.

Image via YouTube

  • No Doubt

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that aliens exist and they are on this planet. The evidence is overwhelming. I think all people should go out to YouTube and pull up this video:

    youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1TtZJZX88Kk (just paste this in your browser)

    Those are truly NASA scientists and on their desk is a photo of the moon. In that photo, you literally see a rectangular building. But the story does not stop there. In 2009, NASA shot a bomb at the moon in order to determine if water existed on the planet. However, the place where the bomb was hot was the exact same place that is shown in the picture above. The video about the moon bombing is in this link:

    youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6Rj_wif2BD0 (just paste this in your browser)

    There are tons of things the government is not telling us. My God, they can’t even tell us the simple things truthfully. Now, whether or not this crop circle is a hoax, who knows? I do know there are some that aren’t. I remember one I saw in England. A man released a tape and said that aliens created a crop circle. The debunkers said it was “fake”. However, it was determined the circle was made 9 hours before the man submitted the tape. So according to the debunkers, the man made a huge crop circle, made a tape, altered the tape with CGI, drove over two hours to deliver the tape —- all in a span of 9 hours. Incidentally, in the tape you also see government helicopters chasing the object on the tape that created the circles.

    No America. Aliens exist and the government is doing all they can to stop the public from knowing this. After all, it would cause a world wide panic. Hell, blacks and whites can’t get along. Different religions can’t get along. We fight over everything. Can you imagine what craziness would happen if we found out their is an alien species working on this planet? Actually, I hope aliens do exist so it would force all humans to get along. All our petty differences would go away quickly. Because believe me, if aliens can get to us — they are much, much, much more advanced than us.

    • MR

      Seems like those aliens knew damn well then that Nvidia is releasing a 192-core Kepler based chip.

      No, sorry, this just seems like an elaborate viral more than it is alien. Braille, is suddenly alien now? Go home pls.

  • Tim Little

    Wow, don’t those fools feel a bit MORE foolish now that they know this WAS done by actual humans. It’s an image of the new NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip put there by NVIDIA marketing.
    It’s not aliens you gits.