‘Crookedest Street In The World’ Closes In San Francisco

    May 21, 2014
    Val Powell
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San Francisco will temporarily close Lombard Street, or the “Crookedest Street in the World.”

On Tuesday, the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency voted that the street will be closed to vehicles for four weekends, starting late June. It will also be closed on the Fourth of July weekend.

Lombard Street is a world-famous street that thousands of tourists visit each year. It is famous for having a steep section that consists of eight sharp turns. Tourists take pictures of the zigzag road from the top, and then drive down, as if it were one of the rides in an amusement park. Reports say that Lombard Street is probably one of the most visited tourist destinations in San Francisco.

A drive down Lombard Street

The idea to temporarily close the street came from Supervisor Mark Farrell, as residents in the area are complaining about the amount of tourists that visit the street each year, especially during the summer and holidays. Aside from being a bother to the residents, the visitors also take their time enjoying the scenic view of the street, which in turn causes traffic to build up.

Paul Rose, the MTA spokesperson said, “This will be a test to improve the safety for residents, pedestrians, and motorists in the area.” He also said that lengthy delays in the area happen due to people who visit the street to take pictures.

Tourists also agree that they cause traffic in the area. One tourist, Dylan Giordano, said that he visited Lombard Street on Tuesday and was greeted with an “insane amount” of traffic. Giordano said that it is unfair for the residents who live in the area, since they have to endure the traffic just to reach their own driveway.

The temporary closure of Lombard Street will give the MTA an opportunity to assess the impact that it will have on the area. They are not looking into permanently shutting down the street. Instead, they are considering having parts of Lombard Street open to the residents only.

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  • Martin LaGrow

    I visited Lombard St. for the first time back in November. It’s pretty, but I just couldn’t imagine having to live there with the constant circus. There are houses with driveways exiting onto Lombard, it must be hell trying to get in and out. If they have to live on a tourist spot, the least you could do is charge a small toll and share it with those who have to live with it.

  • Thomas Joyce

    I thought the crookedest street is Wall Street.

    • Greg

      Nope. That would be Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

    • Amanda Reckenwithe

      No, THAT’S “Vatican Alley”…

  • Fritz Von

    They are going to rename it Obama street.

  • bicyclebill

    You might also want to look at “Snake Alley”, a similar one-block section of N. 6th Street between Washington and Columbia Streets in Burlington, Iowa.  It is paved with brick, rises 58.3 feet over a distance of 275 feet (a 21% grade), and consists of five half-curves (hairpins) and two quarter-curves.  At one time it was recognized by Robert Ripley of “Believe It or Not” fame as the Crookedest Street in the World before Lombard Street assumed the crown.


  • Andy

    Also… this isn’t actually the most Crooked street. That actually exists in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. It’s just not as scenic… but it’s there, it’s steeper, and it’s more crooked.

  • Amanda Reckenwithe

    I used to live on that street…It was a NIGHTMARE, from morning, ’til night!