Croatia Same-Sex Vote Denies Marriage Equality

    December 1, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Marriage Equality has been a hot topic in the United States, as more and more states pass legislation allowing marriage between same-sex couples. Illinois is the most recent state to join the crusade, legalizing marriage for all couples looking to have the state recognize their love for one another. It is important to remember, however, that even as progressive legislation makes itself known in America, there are many other places where couples are still struggling for the right to have their love recognized as legitimate in the eyes of their government. Croatia is just one such example of this world-wide struggle.

In a vote that took place today, 26.75 percent of the Croation voting populous voted in favor of the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. The question for the poll was phrased as, “Do you agree that marriage is matrimony between a man and a woman?” 65 percent of the voters were in favor of this definition, while about 34 percent voted against it. The poll’s overwhelming majority vote means that marriage between same-sex couples will be banned, due to an amendment set to be added to the nation’s constitution. Talk of a government bill that would allow same-sex couples to register as “life partners” sparked fear in conservative groups that seems to have lead to this vote.

The poll and impending amendment have divided the Croatian people, with hundreds of gay rights and marriage equality supporters gathering in the nation’s capital, Zagreb, to protest against the poll and legislation. Liberal groups have also said that the referendum’s question “infringes on basic human rights.” The “yes” vote has been strongly endorsed by the Catholic church, however, and with 90 percent of the Croatian population identifying as Roman Catholic, it comes as no surprise that the vote leaned in favor of “traditional” marriage. A church-backed group known as “In The Name Of The Family” collected over 700,000 signatures in favor of the “yes” vote.

This story does not end on a hopeless note, however. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that the vote was “sad and senseless,” and voiced the hope that this would be the last vote on such matters. The general mind set towards LGBTQ individuals in Croatia is also growing to be more positive and progressive; gay rights marches are held regularly (under heavy security) and individuals are facing less and less fear about “coming out” to their families and friends. Hopefully, this progressive attitude can continue, even in the face of this referendum, and create a positive environment for LGBTQ Croatians.

[Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]

  • Just Bob

    Croatians have a smarter population than Obummerland. These progressives here in Obummerland have lost their common sense and their freedom. They all look to Santa Clause for their thoughts and don’t have the reasoning powers of a gnat.

    • tom webster

      Acknowledging the rights of other people in no way diminishes your freedom, Bob. Please feel free to be the same narrow-minded bigot you’ve always been.

  • David Burkovich

    I knew my heritage would not let me down. Good, moral people the Croats. Too bad the American Catholics don’t all feel the same way. This nation is rapidly excluding God from all things….woe be it.

    • tom webster

      I’d be happy to chip in on a one-way ticket to Croatia for you, David, if you’ll move back there. That way you can enjoy the company of people with whom you’re more sympatico, and the average IQ in the US will probably go up by at least 5 points. Everybody wins!!

      • richard colonel

        mr. webster, you are no different than the two you criticized. Same-sex marriages okayed by the nine Justices on the United States Supreme court is a direct violation of all of the Ten Commandments as given to Moses to give to his followers and there were many. Yes, I am referring to the men and women who are on the Supreme Court. They are no different than the chief priests and the men who sat on the Sanhedrin, who condemned one man to die for the whole of the Israel of their time, 2000 years ago. When these nine men and women say it is all right to do what people are doing, they are going against the commandments of God Almighty. I can just see these nine people standing before the Throne of Judgment without an attorney present to represent them.

      • David Burkovich

        Thanks for the offer but I have already visited there….beautiful country by the way. No I was born here and I will stay here because this is where the real fight is and I love a good rumble. Look, homosexuality is just a sexual orientation…an aberration of nature, serves no useful purpose for the common good….only satisfies the lusts of those involved. I look upon fornication outside of marriage in the same vein. I see homosexuality as both genetic and a choice and in most cases it is a choice. Even if its genetic its a cross that person must bear, just like any other kind of malady people are born with. We all have our crosses in this life. God knows the struggle that person is going through and will give His grace if that person so desires it. Trying to corrupt the God given idea of marriage between a man and a woman is going against God and society. This marriage was created to produce offspring and to raise them in a way that develops children properly with the attributes of both a man and a woman. I could go on with many more arguments in favor of a Godly marriage but there are none, I repeat, none that favor homosexual marriage.

    • Kevin De Kauwe

      David you never said a truer word. The American people have got as far away from god as they can and don’t realize it. Hope it’s not too late for them to realize that before something very bad happens to bring them down to earth and show them that god is with us.

  • Vanessa Gonzalez

    “Marriage equality?” Nonsense. Marriage is a GENDER-SPECIFIC civil contract. Gays can have the SAME civil contract that is gender-specific (same sex) — but they can’t demand that the rest of us call it “marriage.”

    • tom webster

      Actually, Vanessa, we CAN demand it, and in fact we already have done so and prevailed in many states in this country. Many other countries also recognize marriage equality (including Spain). You’re entitled to hold and express your views, but you’re not in a position to declare what other people can and cannot do.

      • TheGreenie

        I believe that marriage is for a male and female to create and raise their own natural offspring to continue their family tree, with the exception of naturally sterile individuals who should be the only ones allowed to adopt.
        But I wouldn’t wan to ban anyone’s rights, though I don’t care whether the government recognizes gay marriage or not – all I know is “marriage” between man and woman. Anything else is laughably invalid.

        • tom webster

          What of couples who purposely don’t have children simply because they don’t want them – are they to be denied marriage? What about having sex after menopause – is that supposed to stop because the wife can no longer bear children? Or does it mean that the couple must start adopting children after menopause in order to keep their marriage legit? Are you saying that a fertile couple shouldn’t be allowed to adopt? Honestly, you seem like a nice person and if the values you describe work for you and your spouse, I for one am very happy to see you live by them. But I’m not sure you should be trying to foist your rules off on other people, and I don’t just mean gays. As a footnote – why aren’t you people – who are all bent out of shape because gay couples want the same rights you have – a little more concerned about the epidemic of unmarried people having children? Nobody says a word about it any more. We’ve even seen new terms come into the vernacular like “baby mama” and “my child’s mother” – and nobody says a thing. Marriage equality at its theoretical worst is a victimless offense. But having children out of wedlock is hardly victimless. Why don’t you go and harangue them for a while – or is this “defense of marriage” stuff, which is legal, simply a thinly veiled excuse to go gay-bashing, which isn’t?

  • tom webster

    Once again, the word “lead”, which is a heavy metal, is used instead of the proper past tense of the verb “to lead”, which is “led”. I know that lead-the-metal and led-the-verb sound alike, but that doesn’t make them interchangeable. Maybe this country should switch to Spanish after all, since so many people are obviously struggling with English. Ironically, most of them seem to be people for whom English is their first and probably only language.

    • richard colonel

      How would like to get a one-way ticket to France?

  • Please

    I am so tired of this issue. All we do is try to legislate morality and it never works. We actually harm more people by doing so. What people do in their private life is no one business.

    We have spent billions of the topic of gay marriage when only 2% of the freaking population is gay. That is money that could have been spent to feed people, fight homelessness, or create jobs.

    But then again, who am I kidding, the government wasted 24 billion in the shutdown and that was literally for nothing. No one cares about doing the right thing. They just care about their power. The masses suffer.

    • tom webster

      You probably don’t want me in your corner, but I agree with pretty much everything you said. The only quibble I have is that you said that no one cares about doing the right thing. I believe that almost everyone thinks they ARE doing the right thing, they simply differ on what the right thing is. In my opinion we’d all be better off if we spent more time doing what we think is right, and less time criticizing what others are doing – which is another way of saying what you said in your first paragraph. And yes I realize that I’m criticizing other people for being critical, but there has to be an exception for people who are trying to abrogate my rights. Bottom line is, if you think that gay people are going to hell, it’s their business and none of yours. You’re much more likely to get extra credit for compassion and kindness toward them than you are for hating and judging them.

      • richard colonel

        Fine and dandy Tom Webster, but these same sex marriages need to be kept under wraps. They should do their thing behind closed windows and locked doors. Not out in public as some are already doing, it is not a safe thing to do. And they need to keep their business to theirselves, not in my front yard.

      • AfterAHurricaneComesARainbow

        Well Tom, I want to let you know that I am 100% on your corner. I want equality for all. Human rights is important (I personally believe in sexual minority rights, womens rights, and racial minority rights. This is basically all of the minorities I can think of at this moment). I feel like humility suffers at times. I just hope in spite of lifestyles, beliefs, etc, etc. we can just come together and try to help each other out in times of need. Stop the violence, and all other unnecessary frackle crackle bull. I personally believe you can never go wrong with love… or trying to love.

  • Walter Duranty

    The United States is morally bankrupt, as it is financially and politically. With ‘leaders’ like Obama taking more interest in furthering the interests of pederasts than in reviving the economy, there is no future here in the long run. Obama may well recognize this fact and not even be trying to do anything about the economy.
    “Marriage Equality” is a poor excuse for legitimizing deviance.
    What’s next? My ewe and I are being discriminated against?

    • tom webster

      Wow, how did we get to pederasts? Get a grip, Walter. There are plenty of real issues to complain about. You don’t have to make up your own.

  • Attillathehunny

    The title of the article should be “Real marriage was upheld in Croatia”, or, “Traditional Marriage Upheld in Croatia”. Homosexuals can be united in civil unions, but marriage is between a man and a woman.

    • t

      I completely agree that this article is bias. We should expect that from left-falling-over-they’re-so-left types. Marriage equality my foot. What is so equal between a union that produces children and one that produces nothing?

  • AfterAHurricaneComesARainbow

    Well I only hope things will get better for LGBTQIA individuals in Croatia through times like this. When you get knocked down, pick yourself right back up. Irregardless of what other may think or say or do. Innate goodness and don’t let anything or anyone else keep you from knowing/being that. Never let anything keep you from prosperity. And remember, you are beautiful inside and out.