CRM Too Much For Arlington

    May 1, 2006
    WebProNews Staff recently added Arlington Economic Development (AED), a department of Arlington County Government (VA), to its customer base. The branch of county government dedicated to economic enhancements is using customer relationship management (CRM) platform AppExchange to track over a $1 billion in real estate and business development projects.

AED chose the platform to manage business and sales processes across four organizational units. AppExchange allows customers to customize Salesforce for building and deploying applications and tabs for project tracking and to improve quality of service while streamlining inter-organizational project communication.

A public sector organization, AED found that the cost of training and the learning curve involved in doing its own CRM was “too steep.” To reduce the strain on technicians, they decided on Salesforce to handle their CRM dilemma.

“’s on-demand CRM suits our community-based business needs, but the AppExchange stood out as the key piece for us. With the AppExchange, we were able to customize the applications in a way that captures the diverse terminology and workflow used throughout our organization rather than having to alter our business processes to accommodate the tool,” said Christopher T. David, Arlington County, Chief Technology Officer.

AED found especially useful the applications used by real estate developers to manage construction projects and those used by communication teams for public relations, web enhancements, and multimedia projects.

“With Salesforce and AppExchange, there is tremendous potential for our team to go out in the field and support a specific endeavor based on the comprehensive and real-time information in the applications. We have become a much more productive and efficient organization,” said David.

As of January 31, 2006, manages customer information for approximately 20,500 customers and approximately 399,000 paying subscribers including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), America Online (AOL), Avis/Budget Rent A Car (Cendant Rental Car Group), Dow Jones Newswires, Nokia, Polycom and SunTrust.